w o r k i n g f o r t h e m a n (iii)
Friday, September 7, 2007

ship to ship telefonix - triumph/to/overseer - ext-com - priv fact 56/hack 18-m.u.-dir feed

- So Roz, you get the tickets yet?

- That's ensign Roz to you Mister.

- Oh? Gotta a l'il attitude there don'tcha.

- Quit that baby talk - I know this is a private line but I want respect - even in private!

- Ok, Ok, - You're still gonna come across tho' - right?

- "Come across"? What are you, Archaic Man now?

- Just a little old world charm.

- Save it for the next world, buddy.

- OK OK! Did - You - Get - the Tickets?

- Sorry honey, I'm looking now... wow!

- You like?

- You got these from Blue Sun?

- Yup - they went 'versal just a few minutes ago.

- Bumali - that's better than - I mean that's so NEW - not even Core proper. Hey! You WANT me to be 'napped for sure - I get it - Your old 'sold to slavery' fantasies are coming back...

- You love, then huh?

- Oh, man - and a whole 48 hrs? Jeez - the chance to relax...

- The old man working you tight?

- Not just the old man - all the men round here... I just keep my cap down low over my eyes.

- Yeah, but if they knew you were dating a-

- Dating? So, we're dating now?! Seriously though, that can back fire...

- Huh?

- You didn't hear? Sharon Ottis?? 'The Voice of (t)Reason?'

- She...

- Iced, man.

- Well, I knew she wasn't popular...

- No, No - it's real weird. She's on the podium giving it - "Brownies are people too" yadda yadda - when POP! the Uni/Wide Network springs her... well, springs her HUSBAND... for - get this: An Operative!

- Noo... WAY!

- Yes, way - just back from the Rim, too - black 'ops', heavy wet work I figure... you gotta figure.

- AND?

- So - the press wire is burning up - signal everywhere - Ottis gets up to conference... Starts saying how she's been framed because of her views, whining on - then 'oh my!' a little nose bleed on the nosebag. Cuts off the conferance, indisposed.

- Yeh...?

- Five minutes later, Dead. Haemorrhage, brain haemorrhage

- That is too weird...

- no response -

- Honey? -

- Sorry, hell! - Have you seen the time? Deck officer'll haemorrhage ME if I don't get going -





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