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Sunday, September 2, 2007

are all movers parolees? probably not, do they look like they are? you betcha! break, lose, or steal your crap? not that i have anything of real worth, but it's just irritating. We had to move because our home was in the 'path of renovation'. My nice, BIG, old home has to be remodeled. So the Army assigns us a nice home, SMALL, new home. Now, I am told I only lose 100 sq feet, but i am moving from a ranch style duplex into a middle town house. SO, i lose footage in stairs, extra bathrooms (okay, i am excited to have more than 1 toilet), and hallways. I have to cram my oversized sofas into a living room half the size of the old one. OLD, like that's bad. Ugh! So, yes, there are a ton of boxes everywhere. My kid hasn't had the decent rest she needed because we are moving, and it took forever to convince my husband that hooking up the internet was a tad more important than getting the flag pole in the yard straight! But, it's fine. I'm okay.

And it does show me who loves me. I have some great friends who have watched my kid, fed us, and just let me whine about how lame life is. So, that pretty much rocks.

Those of you wondering when a new story is coming? okay, none of you are wondering, but just induldge me. as soon as i get moved in, as soon as my beta gets all situated, i've got a litle one shot that should be enjoyable.

Now, if you'll excuse me, i need to find the box with my crazy pills in it.


Monday, September 3, 2007 12:06 AM


I'll lend you some of mine! I find it's impossible to find things you're looking for until you don't need them!


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