w o r k i n g f o r t h e m a n (ii)
Saturday, September 1, 2007

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Official data record – serc teltex: Alliance ordered review: Trooper Trainee (non personalised). Review: (personalised) – Commander Ivan Dolland. Deceased. Review: transfer request, Trooper Trainee, (non personalised) record of meeting follows:

- when the Reavers hit, we just – we were so scared, escape ship couldn’t run, Reaver’s core breach saw to that, had us fried – they say their brains aint nuthin but the black... but they knew how to take out our base easy enough.

- “our base?”

- Yes, Sir – just astronomy, mostly. I guess you have the deatails... been there 11 months. A good team.

- Was it not the case that you were helping the Independents, at that time?

- Well, no. We were neutral more... I guess some favoured the Indies. Anyhow – didn’t do us no good – when we calleed for help...

- You asked them –

- Closest Unit of Action, ‘cept it turned out they was in retreat from some place, some battle – couldn’t spare the time – or the men left running. The rest were waiting to be picked up by you.

- But there WAS a force?

- Oh yeh – we watched it sail on by us – same time we were tryin’ not to watch the Reavers closing in – edge of the scanner... no/one could bare to look.

- And then?

- We called the Alliance. Got Cmdr Dolland straightaway.

- And he came...

- Yes Sir. Though his ship was already wounded – sure suicide send a wounded ship near Reavers. Still, he came. Blew the Reaver sky high. Man... the relief...

- But you were attacked again, in fact?

- That’s right. Second Reaver tacked in behind the first. Hidden in the wake. Snuck up on the Commander’s ship – even as we were boarding.

- What happened?

- That’s between me and the darkness, Sir. You can MAKE me tell... and I am an honest man – but you wouldn’t thank me. Things I’ve seen...

- And so – the Alliance ship was breached?

- Oh. Yes... over-run completely. Next thing I know – Commander Dolland knocks me clear into a pod, sends me off into space. Couldn’t see too well after that but... the light – well, pretty clear that your Commander self destructed. Took ‘em all out.

- So, his actions were not reckless – reprehensible? Negligent? Rash?

- They were – heroic. Sir.

- And after that?

- Drifted for a spell, til I got picked up by an Alliance convoy finally. Coming woth prisoners. Indies.

- There was a break out?

- Attempted. They TRIED to break out. But they was stopped.

- And you helped...

- Yes. They deserved their incarceration. Way I look at it, the Indies had figured on the Reaver attacking the Alliance. Hoped to escape when they came for the convoy too.

- You are aware of the complaints made – about the treatment of the Prisoners – the conduct of the guard force?

- Just Indie propaganda Sir.

- And you don’t allow your feelings...

- You mean Hate? I got Loyalty too, Sir. Not just hate. Loyalty to the man who saved me. I do the things he’s not here to do...

- Duty?

- Of course Sir.

- And you became an official Alliance trooper trainee because of that?

- Yes Sir.

- And you specifically requested prison duty?

- Yes, Sir. Go where I can do the job that’s right. Do the right job – do the job right.

- Very well. This review is ended. Trainee trooper transfer request to detail, Prison ship C.Alpha 181, accepted.



Sunday, September 2, 2007 6:41 AM


Nice accounting of how the Alliance would handle a Reaver attack. Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork burying the truth.

Is it just me or is the trainee a mite Reaverish.


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