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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Hello everyone. At first i just want to say how happy i am that i joined this site. It is truly amazing in my opinion. I love that people come on this site everyday and are still talking about Firefly and Serenity and im glad to be apart of that :]

I've posted a few stories on here my first series being "The Great Divide". I got angry the other day and deleted the 3 installments i had. I re-read them and hated what i had written. They were too short and lacked detail. I wanted to post them so quickly that i just did and really didn't edit or fix them.

The series is set before the BDM, in the middle of the series. It focuses around Simon, River and Kaylee. Where Simon doesn't think a relationship with Kaylee is the right thing to do at the moment considering River's situation. Then once something terrible happens Simon makes a bad decision and risks ruining his relationship with Kaylee and the whole crew.

I had not gotten to the good part of the story when i deleted it so i dont want to give it away. I am however going to rewrite the story and put a little more of everyone in it and make it more detailed.

I really hope that when i repost the first part again that everyone will give it a chance. It may have a different title but is the only story i am working on. It's my first real try at fan fiction and as an aspiring screenwriter i would like to know what everyone thinks of it :]


Friday, August 24, 2007 6:19 AM


It's always a dilemma to post something before its really done. One gets so excited!

But, really, take the time to make sure everything is how you want it, punctuation, grammar, even get it beta'd if someone is willing. It makes the story even THAT much better, and worth the wait:)

Friday, August 24, 2007 3:11 AM


hey, good for you! keep at it! and there may be nothing wrong with short pieces... i think mine are like WAY too long. this is a real friendly board, people will be on your side - but fic posting always feels TUFF - whoo boy!

don't stop your signal for no/one!


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