Lisa Germano / Aimee Mann
Thursday, August 23, 2007

"No dirge shall I upraise,/ But waft the angel on her flight with a pæan of old days!"

Lenore - Edgar Allan Poe

This quote sums up for me the appeal of two singers i listen to and am inspired by while writing.

Lisa Germano: http://www.lisagermano.com/

and Aimmee Mann: http://www.aimeemann.com/

Aimee Mann has appeared and performed in Buffy the Vampire Slayer - as well inhabiting Joss Whedon's Sugar Shock comic... where she KICKS ASS!

Lyrically Aimee Mann's songs Lost in Space, Wise Up and Calling it Quits have helped me generate many a fic or scene and the same is true of Lisa Germano's In The Maybe World, Way below the Radio and Reptile.

Sonically, Lisa Germano crafts music especially suited to the firfly universe, with spacey effects and minimal keyboards, mandolins, violins etc.

Both singers can be described as melancholic but they are more just that - both craft rich and individual works. Aimee frequently exhibits the steely toughness of a browncoat - and Lisa has the logic jumping outside the box imagination of River Tam (whom she frequently resembles).

Both are often down right hi-larious.

Anyway my fave albums (so far) by them are:

Aimee mann's Lost in Space

Lisa Germano's In the Maybe World

for first time listeners i recommend Lisa's On the way down from the Moon Palace and Aimee's Batchelor Number Two (parts of whihc turn up on the soundtrack to the wonderful movie Magnolia).



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