- dead men walking
Saturday, August 18, 2007

No/one in a condemned cell really expects to see a friendly face. The one facing
Captain Reynolds seemed – amused, at least.... warm toned and looking at them with deep charismatic eyes.
Coupled with the hair, drawn back in a loose locked bun and the small wooden earing, the Shepherd looked almost piratical.

“You boys ready to meeet your Maker?”

Mal gestured theatrically –
difficult given the heavy iron cuffs about his wrists, chaining him to the wall of the cell.
“Meet? Maker? Just the one? Are sure Preacher? See, I remember my mother – and, yep, I’d be lying to you now if I said she wasn’t many things... but claiming this man”- he nodded at the bullish form of Jayne “here for her own?” He smiled.
“ Well, I can’t say as how I recall that being one of ‘em. Maker? Seems to me that would kinda be making us brothers.”

The Shepherd looked undisturbed. His rich voice carried no irritation.
“Do you always hide your fear this way Captain? You will not make me angry.”

Mal started. “How interesting – the last man who said that me was a butcher of Shepherds.”
“And that, Captain, is partly why I am here.”
There was a sudden hard nudging in his back – and Mal twisted awkwardly to look at Jayne. The big man loooked perplexed. “Hey, Mal – we aint brothers.”
Mal laughed. “Ooh Wee! Guess who turned up to the party just as the guests are leaving!”
Jayne smiled.”We leaving?”
Mal nodded towards the Shepherd.“I do believe that’s a matter for this preacher to decide.”

There was a pause then, as if things of moment were being weighed up.

Then the Shepherd smiled at Jayne. “It must be difficult having such a brother.”
Jayne was on his feet red faced “We – AINT BROTHERS!”

He lunged with a roar, muscles and tendons
straining as both Mal and the Shepherd tried to slide away.
There was an almighty wrenching crack! and the chains holding him broke, falling to the dusty cell floor.
“There now” said the Shepherd smiling broadly. “That wasn’t so hard was it?”

- about face: http://www.fireflyfans.net/bluesun.aspx?bid=19165



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