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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Well, someone asked, so, here you go,

John Wyall, aka, Duke: Captain, not exactly the best person to know, has a temper and is a very jealous person, but will defend his friends with everything in him. hes 30 years old, in the story, i accidentally said he was six two years older than gil, the number is Six.
Duke is ex-alliance so he has alot of contacts high up

Gilbert Rowlings, aka, Gil: Logistics, or, storage and stuff, he is a very annoying person, thinks he's the boss of everyone and is constantly on Dukes nerves. Gil isn't smart, but he's no dummy either, a sneek really, but when push comes to shove... He bails, he's only on the ship cause he is good at organising things

Miki Kenly, aka, Kenly: The pilot, he has no actual qualifications, but he grew up watching his dad fly commercial craft and tried his hand at it during the war. Kenly is clever, but he does really stupid things, like, when someone says look out, and duck, he stands up and looks for what is about to hit him. Kenly is very nice, but has alot of secrets he keeps buried.

Danial Suffolk the Third, aka, Trip: Very smart, grew up in boarding school, a highly trained mechanical engineer, who just happens to have a bit of a problem with gambling, so, his name is basically rubbish in most places, but he is still one of the highest trained Mechanical engineers in the verse, (after Kaylee of course). Trip is actually blind in one eye, so the rest of his body made up for it by being highly sensitive, so, he can feel slight changes in ship speed and course.

Gremlin: Our mystery girl, no history, no real name and she speaks some wierd language, what else could she be, other than the offspring of two reavers!!!
she is a pretty central character, so, keep an eye on her

btw, i didnt put the BDH's in cause i thought that maybe a little independance was due, i mean, if people really want, i'll drop in a cameo or something, but totherwise, i like a little creative freedom with new characters, so, yeah.

Can't stop the signal!!


Saturday, August 18, 2007 8:41 AM


Sounds really interesting:)

Thursday, August 16, 2007 11:42 PM


thanks for putting this up

good luck with your series and your 'verse!


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