WASHed up...
Thursday, August 16, 2007

“Hi, i’m dead.

Did i get your attention there?

Yep. Dead.
R.I.P. (say it with me people)
My life is null and nada – i am deceased – a stiff – i’ve kicked the bucket. I’m pushing up the daisys. I am a dead parrot. Sorry –Pilot. Sorry. Cut off in my prime. Canceled like your favourite show - that someone always said would be too good to last.

But my gosh – when they put you in the ground they really – well, they just – they really put you in the ground don’t they. I always prefered the stars myself.

Will you look at ‘em down there? No, not the stars – well they are stars but not the glowy pointy kind you look at with your loved one, not the ones that glitter as you lie together on a far flung hill side, in the after-glow of the big juicy bone jumping joy and – ok ok so wandering now but – hey! – have you SEEN my wife? You got any idea what i’m missing right now buddy!? And there aint no love-bots or batterys up here, i can tell ya. Just the misty longing and the – what? You got a problem?? Hello!- dead! Let’s get back to the part where i’m DEAD.

I’m dead and they’re crying???

Like i said they ARE stars.
Some of ‘em even know it.
Look at ‘em – i mean, hey - they got the hologram grave marker going on for starters, my pretty face all brave and understanding... for them – something they can look on ‘stead of staring at the ground.

Did i mention that’s where i am?

Look at their faces – sure they look sad now – but you shoulda seen ‘em in the shiny times – well the less rusty, well the – when i was ALIVE, ok. Those faces could make me do anything. Those faces made me feel like i mattered for the real and true first time. And yeh, those faces got me killed.

Everyone has their favourite – i guess – we all pick someone to love, someone to hate, someone to trust, someone to just – well – ok – i don’t know what Jayne was for, but when someone has the courtesy to come to your dirt display – well, that’s worth a kudos or three.

I bet the people they hook up with next’ll – oh yeah – they’ll be wondering – what are these people now – why are they together??... And which ones of that posse ARE together??? (and who’s still in the back with the bot and the batterys. Once again.)

Does it matter? Not to me. I always thought it was the group of us, really, you know? It was the bunch of us that belonged together. I hope it stays that way. Somehow.

And i’m thinking now – maybe i got the better end of the deal here –
coz all they got to take away from where they are now is memories (i’m one of em). That’s all they got to go with. To take away.

Me? – i got my whole life to take with me where i’m going. Going. Going. Gone.
Yeah... times up – time to get jiggy with the black – time to – i dunno, what – do i maybe get to be an angel, are there angels?
I could have some fun maybe, wings, a little bow and arrow?
Maybe i’ll ascend somehow to a new kind of existence – my widescreen afterlife - hell, maybe i’ll become a higher power?

Just kidding.

Ok, this is me leaving now. Sue me – if i didn’t make with the great profoundness enough for you. Jeez some people! But listen just – just look after the one’s down there for me, will ya? they need it. OK, ok, i’m really going now, making with the vanish, fading – you could say that i’m all

WASHed up.”

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Saturday, August 18, 2007 8:39 AM


ooh it's like an elegy

Saturday, August 18, 2007 5:12 AM


Dude, that was gorgeous!

I miss Wash.

Thursday, August 16, 2007 4:38 PM





Really well done and very funny.


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