Wytch's guide (III) - Women and children
Friday, August 10, 2007


Luka DeVorres – as a young girl Luka was a runner in the war and, as such, a veteran of the bloody Merrion Trenches. In her Vole class ship, Luka aids Simon and River in their flight. Known to Mr Universe, his moon still has her belongings on it.

The Captain of the firefly Solace – veteran of the war, fought for the Independents.

Lucill Drayton - Head of a large 'family' in the town of Candle.

Shawn/Paige - mechanic for The Justice, misused cruelly by its crew.

Lenore – Mr Universe’s LoveBot ™ proved to be more central to the running of the lunar base than might’ve been expected. The Bot is now with Inara’s trainees.

Magdelena – the one-eyed, knife-wielding, urchin lovin’ mama on Selini station and some time partner of Jayne.

Saffron. Her relationship with Serenity is more overtly complex now – but she is still Yo/Saff/Bridge… and anyone who doubts it is like to wind up on the floor.

Dorothy Stenner - wife of Renway Stenner.

Erren, Amora, Kaytee-Li – 3 women from the Trailer Park where the only rule on sexual work is ‘No Children’, a rule that has been upheld very strictly down the years…

Annabelle James – ex working girl from the Trailer Park now on Regis.

Ma Cobb – the fierce but elderly mother of Jayne and still on the grift.

Radha Brook
Works for the Guild Inquiry Agency on Sihnon, finds herself working the same case as Phil Yip. Radha doesn't like unfinished business or unresolved cases.

Akiko Jones
A sometime 'journalist' and possible GIA Agent.

Constance Jong
House Priestess of the Sihnon Guild Temple. She takes her responsibilities very seriously... and worries about the issues facing the guild post-BDM.

Gloriana Khan
The High Priestess of the Sihnon Companions' Temple.
Head of the Guild in many respects. Described as 'gifted'.


Ryadni – a young companion in training, her life is testament to the Sihnon teaching that “Everything of value can be exchanged – and every exchange can have value’.

The Boy (1) – also a Word player.

The Boy (2) ‘Medium’ – worked for Ma Cobb and now claimed by Annabelle James as her own.

The Reaver Boy – now in the custody of the Underground movement.

Young Luka De Vorres – seen in action as a runner during the war.

Young Simon Tam – shown to have a hobby as a Magician, performs (with River) before his family

Street Children of seleni Sttion – a rude gang of urchins looked after by the fierce woman Magdelena.



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