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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Characters – Crew :

Mal – after struggling with the complex emotional aftermath of the BDM and his role in those events, Mal is seen to adapt to a new more actively resistant life. He decides Serenity will use Mr Universe’s moon as a base and re-names the place Independence. He still sleeps in Serenity of course. During his experiences in the strange ‘storm’ zone near Seleni we see his dream-life and the complexities therein in regards to the crew (and especially Inara), Atherton Wing, Tracey – and himself.
He seems to be undergoing a few subtle changes as time goes on, e.g. going alone to revisit Haven and the man he shot there, allowing the new Shepherd to build a ‘chapel’ in Serenity. No evidence yet that he uses it any but he is less confrontational with the new Shepherd than previously with Book.
Recently however, mixing with Saffron turned out to be a more emotional experience than he had predicted.

Zoe – after weathering the grief of Wash’s death and Mal’s typically brusque responses to it, Zoe too is seen to return to Serenity life. She has taken to her position as chief Pilot and she gets on well with the new Shepherd, despite the fact that he ‘unsettles’ her… Lockjaw suggests that she comes from a proud family whose members were divided by their loyalties during the Alliance/Independents War. That war may also have claimed her homestead and its rich orchards.

Jayne – after initially leaving the crew due to boredom, Jayne is seen to have at least one thriving life away from Serenity – as he visits the rambunctious home of Magdelena on Seleni station. Now though he is back in his old role and much the same.

Kaylee – re: Simon: though she may well be sat ‘on the shelf’ in LockJaw she is seen to still be ‘carrying a torch’ in Spiritual. In About Face she finds some fleeting but warm physical satisfaction (i.e. she gets it on) with a member of the Space Circus.
Her abilities as mechanic and such – are still vital to the crew (see esp LockJaw & About Face) and appreciated by the Captain.

Inara – leaves the Crew again after events on the moon post-BDM, her absence all the more noticeable for the crew’s silence about it.

Wash / Shepherd Book – though a definite influence still, they too are rarely openly mentioned.

Simon – struggles to understand his relationship, responsibilities and feelings regarding River after Miranda – but carves a role for himself as the new Mr Universe with a definite anti-alliance/resistance agenda. That role causes friction at times however – and is not without personal cost.
The fic RNRZ suggests he may’ve been more complicit in River’s fate than previously suggested.

River – Still an enigma. On the positive side she now flies Serenity from time to time and has a more independent life than previously. However, she is still very much RIVER and has many issues still to sort out and conditions to adapt to. If she can still be a Weapon, she can also still be a brat.
Words On a Wing and Solace both describe events that may affect River emotionally beyond the individual narratives. She effectively mimics Inara and Badger at different points.

Shepherd Solomon Face – younger than Book and apparently onboard at the direct behest of ‘the Abbey’. Face is seen to enjoy action and he doesn’t suffer fools gladly. Somewhat shiny at first he is finding that experiencing life with the crew carries a price. He has settled in – even as far as sparring sessions with Zoe and River and converting part of the ship into a chapel of sorts. He loves to cook. He is a little more ‘hellfire’ than Book.
We know very little of his past – but I’ll state here and now that he is definitely NOT an Operative.

Other Characters


Joshua Xiang aka Joshua X. – Medic and pilot of a firefly now converted into a fixed hospital on the Sanctuary Moon.

Mr Universe – friend of Luka’s, helped to fake Simon’s ‘death’ in RNRZ while his own phoney virtual-self nearly killed the crew after the BDM. Now, Simon has taken Mr Universe’s role as the ‘Signal’ man.

Gabriel Tam – key member of the Denmark Corporation and father of Simon, first lead to believe his son was dead now refusing to admit his son is alive. His corporation was swallowed by Blue Sun even as his family were manipulated into self-destructing.

Professor Selby Adams – a respected, if controversial, Alliance mathematician and one time client of Inara’s. Still attempting to prove ‘The Fundamental non-connectedness of things’, that “Relationships are perceived where none exist”… a concept that the Serenity crew often fail to appreciate.

The Player (and his associates) – expert in the galactic ‘game of words’.

Jossiah Bell
Owner of an emporium specialising in clockwork figures in the township of Candle. Apparently an Alliance scientist in his earlier life.

Captain Lancey
Head of a vengeful posse whose target is Mal.

A Lovebot(tm)

‘The Man in the Chair’ – another mysterious figure, linked to the Underground and met by Simon on Beaumonde.

J D Noakes - a grizzled salvage hunter with an interest in ancient history.

Dayton Ferral – member of the Underground.

Sheriff Gobruk – grim and embittered de-facto head of Seleni Station… but also a veteran, fought hard for the Independents during the war, saw action in the Merrion trenches.

Jefferson Feng – an eccentric and mannered charlatan of dubious and incorrigible note.

Max the Mighty Midget MC, The Fates Woman, Doonican Boys etc. – members of the Solar Circus and encountered by Kaylee and River.

The Operative – might just be using the name ‘Quicksilver’, manning a listening-post in the nether regions of space and working against the Alliance – or at least The Parliament. Hmm… like Mal says, “Just don’t be expecting a thank you is all.”

Renway Stenner – architect of elite Alliance Super-schools and Academies and, during the war, a freelance torturer for both sides.

Albert Square – Stenner’s henchman.

Badger – will always be Badger.

‘Sergeant’ Louis, Collins and Dekker – three vaguely inept pirates from the Trailer Park.

Xavier Clem – the man likes his mines. Sometime before the BDM, Clem hired Mal and the crew for a job that went dangerously south - as Zoe remembers, it was Jayne that saved the day - and didn’t pay. Described by Shepherd Face as a Buffoon and tracked by Mal to the Regis Colony.

Marshal Ryder – experienced and well intentioned. His home is the Regis Colony.

Pastor Nehru – The noisy leader of Regis’s church.

Dr Brink – Dr and amateur Astronomer on Regis.

‘The Cheese Man’ and his associate – mysterious figures… Apparently Blue Sun’s loss is their financial gain.

Monty Reynolds - A bomber in the War and seen in flashback with Mal on a hill outside Serenity Valley. Also seen with the Sanchez Brothers. Also seen to help Inara when her shuttle is broken. Known to be considering purchase of a large piece of interstellar real estate. His many rescues of Mal may be driven by guilt at the air-cover failure in the battle of Serenity Valley.

Uriah Salllow - Real estate broker and salesman.

The Abbott
Head of the Southdowns Abbey. A mature indivdual, well liked by his Shepherds. He attempts to face up to the varied issues the Shepherds face post-Haven, post-Miranda.
He is solidly built with a rough voice but smooth manner.
He is very possibly also The Man in the Chair I...

The Man in the Chair II
A much more villainous apparition - a Blue Hand man.

Shepherd Neame
One of The Abbott's most trusted Shepherds.
Neame is uncomfortable amidst the finery of Sihnon
but he is keen to learn and engage with others.

Kris Tamora
Detective Tamora works for the same private security firm as Phil Yip.
A youngish man - lover of sports and intense experiences in general.

Philip K. Yip
Detective for a private security firm on Sihnon. A big crude man but also a war-veteran and a shrewd thinker.



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