scrabble (thanks 2 crystalkei & schooner)
Wednesday, August 8, 2007

waiting. i know how to wait. i have learnt how to wait. but it's darker than i'm used to - and cool, the light subdued. i can smell lemon on the air - they must spray it into the air conditioning here. lemon. artifical. not like the heavy incense and herbs of my home - just thinking on them can take me back there. back home. home. im trying hard to find another word for home. but there is ONLY home - and that is not where i am. words. i am holding words right now in my hand - the letters carved into the old wood and clutched knuckle whitening - drawn out of my velvet purse. From the letters She gave me. there is a suit case in front of me - heavy and hard and black metallic. the suitcase He is waiting for. i wonder if there are words in there too...
i open my hand.
the letters scatter onto the table. a tiny brittle rattling, like bones. She would shake her head - she would tell me (- she would teach me -) that it would be too much noise i'm making now. while i wait. But the letters are cast. i am scared to look. look down. fear comes with a dream it might be true. the wooden bones. the letters. i look upon them.
h O p E r

i look upon them. and wait.

words on a wing http://fireflyfans.net/sunroomitem.asp?i=17499



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