A few notes on 'A New 'Verse'
Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I hope those of you who have read my fanfic are enjoying it. I know I'm having fun writing it. I just thought I might clear up a few things and give you a bit of insight into my thinking behind the fic.
First of all I might tell you that this fast becomes a Mal-centric fic. He is the only BDH who features in chapter three (although Zoe is mentioned) as well as being the central character for most of the rest of the time. I will try and work moment with the others in, but they will be few and far between. Especially Simon at the moment, who I am struggling to find a place for in the fic. Don't worry, my next fic will focus on Simon, Kaylee and River.
Zoe to, presents problems for me. I think I have a handle on her, but its hard to tell sometimes. I have a good and relatively original idea for Zoe though. But thats a surprise and you will have to wait.
A note about my OC's. Dash is one of my favourite characters I have ever come up with and I hope you will like her. In a lot of ways she is like Mal actually.
Jeremiah is also great fun. Watch sparks fly between him and Jayne!
The other four; Blake, Siph, Samul and Kosuke are left overs from my earlier fic and I like them a lot. I have a few idea's on how these people will fit in with the crew.

P.S I stole the idea of Bounty Slams from The Chronicles of Riddick. To quote Tarantino "Thats all artist's ever do, steal things from other atrists."

Anyway thats the end of my random mumblings.


Wednesday, August 8, 2007 7:43 AM


:) Hey I love Chronicles of Riddick


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