Notes From an Island!
Sunday, July 29, 2007

Hmm, well, life is certainly kinda interesting around here. I'm thinking of investing in a hovercraft.

Yep, I live in what we like to think of as the Cotswolds bayou. (Classier than the swamps downriver.) Don't know if you guys across the Big Water have got any of this on the news, but I am about to enter my second week without running water. Insane amount of rain causing meters of unexpected water to come visiting and bringing its mates. Living slightly higher up, I didn't get the run-off from the sewage plant/river through my house, luckily, but being unable to flush the bog is beginning to get a bit wearing. Husband is in his element, though - he's sawn off lumps of drainpipe, fashioned a water collector, and heaves big buckets into the tank. Men thrive on the whole tribal, run about and smell like an armpit thing; they get to go out and hunt the wild Evian as it sweeps majestically across the, I'm not quite well. Living on packet food is not a fun thing for a cook - perhaps if I think of it as research... At least it's not like running out of air.

Otherwise, Book 7 was a blast, most of my predictions were spot on. I'm ignoring the epilogue because it made me barf.



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