almost... there...
Tuesday, July 10, 2007

is moved, carpet's going in on the 16th. House goes on the market ASAP.
Not exhaling yet, but we've made progress.

We're going to visit hubby's mother for her 90th Bday. I will repeat myself: Only this could get me to go to Houston in the middle of summer.
I wilt easily.

OTOH there is a shindig that weekend, and it is not completely out of the realm of possibility that we could actually swing a quick visit, or at least try to catch fruity oaty bars in our teeth as we drive past....

I'm about to drag the 76th into a fic. Where trouble's brewing, there you will find the Nightmare Battalion. In the thick of it and grinning.

There's also a plot bunny scurrying around my head for a crossover fic: Firefly/SG1. Oh yeah... it's trying to get out...
It all started when I thought about how much I'd love to see Nathan Fillion and Richard Dean Anderson acting together.
Did I mention I'm really enjoying watching the DVDs of SG1 we're borrowing from the library?
It just makes me sigh and think about how wonderful it could have been if Firefly had gotten a running start that didn't end up in a brick wall. Imagine a full season or fifteen...




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