I love my Firefly DVDs
Sunday, December 28, 2003

I've been wanting to rant about the Firefly DVDs for awhile now, but since I only got them three days ago, I didn't have the chance. But now that I do have them, I have one word to describe them: Shiny!

The release of the DVDs means a lot. How many shows were cancelled from the same TV season as Firefly? How many can you remember? I can recall a couple; John Doe, Fastlane, and Birds of Prey. Okay, so that's three outta a whole bunch, I'm guessing. Firefly seems to be the only one that got to be released on DVD. Why is that? Well, it's all in my crazy rant.

Let's compare Firefly to John Doe. Both were on the same night and John Doe was the lead-in for Firefly. Now, I remember that the show got some good reviews from critics. Ooh, a guy can't remember a thing about himself but knows about everything else possible. Not a bad concept, right? Easier to follow than a crew of nine people living on a space ship set in a Western type future? When compared to Firefly, it even got to last a little longer before it was cancelled. A full season, 22 episodes I presume. A whole season. Firefly? 12 episodes were shown and in the wrong order no less. But did John Doe have fans urging FOX to bring it back? I'm guessing no and there's lies the reason why its only season isn't on DVD. Firefly has fans who are smart and dedicated. If I had the power to do so, I would sit down the executives of FOX, or Universal even, show them these DVDs, and ask them to watch the show as an average TV viewer and not as people who run a TV corporation. I would show them how wonderful this show is and that they were kinda stupid for cancelling it. An easy-to-follow concept and decent numbers does not always equal a hit.

So sheh-sheh Joss Whedon for this wonderful show and when the movie deal comes through, I'll be first in line when Firefly hits the big screen.



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