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Sunday, June 24, 2007

This is the timeline (post BDM) of my 1st series of stories, just for interest.

1 - Hun Dan - Jul 2518
Mal hires a munitions expert for a job on Persephone.
2 - Humped - Apr 2519
The crew of Serenity encounter the Pyes once again.
3 - Prairie Run - Apr/May 2519
Are the crew of Serenity really all dead? No, it can’t be true.
4 - Ghosts of the Past - May 2519
Badger has a job for Serenity that is far from easy.
5 - Ships in the Night - Dec 2519/Jan 2520
It’s Christmas 2519 and Serenity has been invited to St Albans by Tracey’s family. Elsewhere Inara and her friend Sheydra are off to a warmer climate on Delaware. But even with the best laid plans, things can go wrong.
6 - Wedding Blues - Jan to Feb 2520
Mal and Inara are having a blissful reunion but Serenity needs to stay in the air and that takes platinum. Then River starts having nightmares again. Is it a portent of doom?
7 - Showdown - Feb 2520
Serenity is boarded by the Agents with blue gloves.
8 - Alliance vs Serenity - Mar 2520
Mal tries to help his jailed crew member but he has to resort to doing it in a way that he’s not used to – non-violent!
9 - Ich Liebe Dich - Mar/Apr 2520
Badger sends Serenity on a job to pick up some luxury goods for the rich folk of Persephone.
10 - Be Careful What You Wish For - Apr/May 2520
Serenity is off to a job on Greenleaf and Kaylee and Simon share some news.
11 - Reunions - August 2520
Monty Reynolds makes a detour to Deadwood and he finds a bit of Serenity’s lost property.
12 - One Careful Owner - September 2520
Kaylee and Simon are getting married, but first Simon has to meet the family, including Kaylee’s three older brothers.
13 - Uncharted Waters - September 2520
Mal worries that his crew aren’t focusing and sooner or later something will go wrong, which of course it does,but not in the way he expects.
14 - Firstborn - December 2520
Mal & Monty's crews do a joint heist and Zoe's child is born.
15 - Jayne - January 2521
A short ficlet on how Esper gets to meet Jayne’s parents. We find out why Jayne names his guns and how he came about his sexing rules.
16 - Return to Deutschland - February 2521
Mal drops in on Badger – looks like another trip to Deutschland, only this time with a potentially unwelcome passenger.
17 - Shan Yu! I Bite My Thumb At You - April 2521
The crew are building their bolt-hole on Deutschland, but is it really a safe haven?
18 - Reavers Return - July 2521
Events intertwine between the crews of Serenity, the Rosalyn and Gang Kou leading up to some fateful events.


Monday, February 25, 2008 12:23 AM


thanks for putting this guide together

Saturday, June 30, 2007 11:38 AM


Might wanna shift things a tad, Paula...I've seen shots of a prop Academy report from early in the film (probably what Matthias' female assistant was carrying or what was placed in the Operative's briefcase) that indicates the BDM is June or July 2518;)

Oh...and I hopefully should have Reunions done it a little while.



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