phantom glasses, boat racing and sunburn
Sunday, June 10, 2007

Hi there,

Firstly, here's a roadwork sign that my friend says looks like a man putting up an umbrella

It was the Durham regatta on Saturday so Me, John and Andrew decided it would be fun to go. We had lunch in Wetherspoons and there was this glass on the table the entire time we were there and everytime one of the bar staff came to clear the table, they left that one glass. So we decided that it had obviously dropped through the space-time continuum and we were the only ones that could see it.

Then we went to the regatta on the riverside. We booed the Durham University teams and cheered for Newcastle, Northumbria and any team that wasn't Durham. It was nice. WE sat ont he riverbank and had a look at the classic cars (The VW van was the coolest. and add extra points for it being red and white stripes).

It was fun apart from my back getting sunburnt. Damn my fair skin. It still hurts now.




Monday, June 11, 2007 12:07 PM


Maybe Weatherspoons has a policy about having at least one glass on a table at all times, in case someone arrives suddenly. Otherwise...the space-time continuum is definitely buggered;)

And I know all about sunburns. Once got face heavily sunburnt because I had to man a booth for a summer festival in full uniform...which had a beret as headgear, rather than something like a slouch or Tilley hat:(



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