Word is the program of the devil
Sunday, June 10, 2007

(this is a rant, ye've been warned)

ok, so i'm printing out my newly-edited Crime and punishment essay, it comes off the printer all nice and sparkly.... and theres a page number on the first page, which should be there. ...odder still, that number is a big 'ol "2". ??
so i go into the headers (which i HATE, because it is so badly designed, and every essay i eventually get it to do what i want through a different set of buttons and curses) and go ahead and check the box that says 'different first page' to get my name off the top corner because, hey, its the first page, my name's already there. i also delete the page number.
back in the document, i look at the page number in the bottom bar, and low and behold, page 1 is labled page 2.
oh, but it gets better- i scroll down, what do i see? ok, so the second page is labled page 3, thats to be expected- but then on the third page, we seem to have another page 2. hmm. followed by a nother page 3, then finally, on the fifth actuall page, we have page 4.

why? no no, nonno, i mean, W H Y ?

so i figure, screw the numbers, i'll put them in by hand- now i just have to fix the name. easy enough, right? i go to the 1st (actual) page, in the header select 'different first page' and then go ahead and delete my name. ok, its good- my name is not on the first page, but it is on all the others....... ...except the middle one, page 3 (which the computer is refering to as page 2).

can i get anotehr why ?

finally, i just closed the whole document, praying for once that i HADN'T saved recently; when i reopened it was still calling page one page 2, and page five page 4, but the name thing seemed to have resolved itself.

bill gates, this is for you


Monday, June 11, 2007 5:28 AM


Try OpenOffice.org, 'tis a much better office suite than Micro$oft Office.

You can save in multiple formats, including MS-Office's ".doc", and export stuff to PDF's...

It's kind of fun.


P.S. Headers and footers are a breeze in it.

Sunday, June 10, 2007 5:52 PM


Hmm...never quite had that problem. Issues with numbering footnotes/endnotes, yeah. Page numbers, though? That's a new one:(

Still...I'm behind ya, Miramel. Word is the Devil. But better the Devil we know than something else;)



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