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Sunday, June 10, 2007

So, first up, I'm really glad everyone seemed to like the "Lost Art" series...it took a long time to get bits right and I was making little adjustments as I went, based on some of your suggestions. Thanks!

Now, here are some answers to a few of the questions...

Would Jayne have that many spelling/grammar errors in his letter to his Ma?
Yes. Did you miss how he struggled over words when reading her letter out loud in "The Message?" And, on top of that, I can always defend it with "You Would Not Believe The Spelling & Grammar Errors I Come Across In My Regular 9-To-5 Job, And If They Can Do THAT , Jayne Would Do His."

Next, I didn't technically give Inara a sister. I mean, I sorta did, by signing it "Your loving sister," but at the same time, I think the Companions could easily refer to each other as "sisters," like sororities or geishas...I refer to several of my female friends as my "other sisters," and I do have a biological sister. There are times in women's lives where they feel a sisterhood worthy of note. But, if you want to take it as Inara has a sister, then...um...sure. I gave her a sister.

Finally, though, just thanks to everyone who read and responded. I try to write things people get excited to read and...yay! It worked this time!!! The whole concept only started because I was in the midst of writing a letter (yes, a real-live-letter, written on paper with a pen and EVERYTHING!!) to my brother and got distracted, then remembered BlueEyedBrigadier wondered what happened when Simon wrote to his folks, as Kaylee suggested at the end of my previous series, and then wondered what a stranger would think if he/she found one of my random letters by itself and...so, then I had River's letter and Inara's off-hand comment about snakes...and suddenly I was sitting in front of my computer typing out bits and pieces and...

Well, you know the rest. And, yes, I did finish the letter to my brother and actually spent $.39 (US) to mail it JUST BEFORE the price of stamps went up...again...

So...yeah. Thanks again for reading. I'll try to keep up to the expectations, at least. I write for you...and to ease the story build-up in my head.


Sunday, June 10, 2007 11:46 AM


So I helped inspire this? Wow...go me! But definitely go you, kacidilla!


And actually? That makes all kinds of sense...Inara calling a fellow Companion "sister." Certainly helps build up a sense of family and group unity;D



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