Well i'm still flying though it's been a while
Sunday, June 10, 2007

Well my fellow browncoats it has been a long spell since my last post and i have had quite a few travels and troubles and kindnesses since i was last by.

Lets see first to the travels I got my licence and loaded up my car with a crew of two a navigator my mate Sutton and a loader Wellings. We headed out first to see an old friend (though i have to admit at times it's like dealing with Patience "Hmmm i do believe she's planning to shoot me). However this leg of the journey went quite well. The we all set off towards my sister just an hour and ahalf out from Surfers Paradise and stayed around a few days then we travelled to Surfers Paradise and i hid out at my friend Lopez's house for two days. This was the part of the trip which took the most coin from me. Drinking, shooting, laughing and clubs of moderate repute. Then i dragged my sorry somewhat broke self back down the coast toward home. Stayed a night in a hotel that looked like Ned Kelly probably robbed at some point. Great trip and Lopez sent me a wave saying i should drop back in later this year and spend some more money not exactly a hard task these days.

Then there was a slight break of two days in which i sat a test to get into university. Then i took off to Bali and spent two weeks hanging out on the beach watching sun sets and getting massages and eating fruit on the beach. Oh it's a hard life aint it just. then i came back home and found i had been accepted into University studying a double degree in teaching. With hopes of being a history teacher.

On the Artistic front I wrote the first couple of chapters for a fantasy book 'The Chronicles of Azuriath'. Also i have completed on chapter and got into the second chapter of my big Firefly fan novel i'll even give you the current title i'm working it under Firefly: Shadows of the War. Probably shouldn't be teasing it as it is realistically a long ways off yet getting either of them published. However a big push will come soon as one of my electives at uni is creative writing. Next being the jack of all trades (master of none) i also started working on my old comics

Anyhow as you can see i've been quite busy.

On Romance had an amazing date with one of my friends sisters (i know bit of a risk) however in the true nature of my luck she decided although she liked me a she wasn't ready. It's ok i aint looking for too much. Also one of my old flames turned back up and we've been hanging out a little (that's the old friend (patience)). Been a long and crazy time.

I have been reading a few stories tonight and i'm happy to see a number of names still flying.
Well that's all for now take care folks.


Sunday, June 10, 2007 7:50 PM


Yeah it was a pretty wild ride and best part is i only have to get through two more exams and i'm on holidays again.

Makes up for the shocking weather lately, my local area has been hammered by huge storms and flooding.

Sunday, June 10, 2007 10:32 AM


Well've certainly been having an enviable time, haven't ya?


Oh...and congrats on the university acceptance! Fun times are ahead;D



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