Advice wanted on my survival series
Saturday, June 9, 2007

I have decided that my Survival series could use some veiwer input. I have a general plan of how I want things to turn out, but presenting it is getting kind of tricky. You could say I get the what, but not the how. I mainly just need some help deciding what the next chapter is going to focus on. My options are;

1) Continue with the plot, throw some action in, ya know, some sort of combat situation.

2) Give more backround on my origanal character Steve Roberts. I would probably do this somewhat similar to chapter the chapter called Good Times. Mainly going through what the characters think and know about my OC. I would probably focus on Kaylee, Book, Inara, and possibly Jayne or Zoe. I left out Simon and Mal becouse I've already given a bit of insight from Mal's perspective, and I've already established, albeit poorly and with very little detail, Simon's friendship with Steve. River was left out of this list becouse, being a reader, she would be able to spill the beans on Steve's backstory, which I'm saving for the last chapter.

3) I am willing to take any sugestions any body will give me

Once again, thanks to BEB and Jane0904 for the previous input.

Also, some input on what elements of the series you liked might help a bit. I noticed not many people found Simons early escapades into the woods believable, so, unless someone likes that kind of humor, this highschool student will get back to the more serious issues, like Mal as a teenager, which is actualy my next plan after, or mabey during, this story



Monday, June 11, 2007 11:53 AM


I meant to post this coment acouple days ago, but was having computer proplems, so her goes. I knew something was wrong, but until people started mentioning how I, to put it bluntly, "screwed up", I couldn't figure it out. Now I know what I need to change, and I hope my "Quick Fix" does the trick. The next chapter will
1) restore Mal to his rightful, Captainy place.
2) De-acion figure the characters.
and 3) Hopefully be something that wouldn't make Joss Whedon violently ill if he knew about.

Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on your point of view, I will be leaving town in about a week to go to a National Archery Competition, so I probably won't be able to write/post my next chapter by then.

But I swear by my loud hawiian shirt and the Biology final I have to study for, I will fix some of the major problems.

Sunday, June 10, 2007 9:16 AM


I think the biggest issue that I can comment on is the fact that you're trying to basically shoehorn a character into the BDH line-up during a period in time where his presence really doesn't fit. If this series was post-BDM, Mal hiring on someone like Steve (with a few modifications to make him seem less Marty Stu than he is now) would seem reasonable. Then you can have him slowly integrate with the crew and have his SpecOps skills slowly come to the fore utnil the big reveal several chapters in.

Also...I partially agree with jetflair. While Wash as a Browncoat SpecOps trooper is a bit too much, I can still see room where you can play with everyone's assumptions about Wash without going too crazy. Have him be a fighter pilot of some repute or something simliar, if you wanna give Wash a bit more...oomph...than it seems he has;)


Sunday, June 10, 2007 12:18 AM


Here's my issue with the story. It seems to take a series and characters we know, and try to change them into something different.

Firefly was unique because of the lack of one-dimensional, unrealistic action heroes, and you've made it your priority to not only make one up, but to have him pretty much replace Mal.

I'm afraid I simply don't buy special-forces Wash. It's completely out of character, and tries to make an action figure out of him as well.

There have been some excellent stories which challenge our assumptions about character backgrounds, but they have to ring true and they have to be carefully thought out.

Firefly is not a story of special forces fighters and perfectly strong characters. It's about flawed, mostly average human beings who have the heart to do some special things. It's about people who try to avoid trouble (although they do seem to find it!) and stay alive.


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