Comic-Con: Sunday
Monday, July 26, 2004

I've already posted this in Shiny's con report thread, but wanted it in my blog as well. See link for photos and one short video at the bottom.

Huge crowd! Hall 20 can hold 4300 people and I think it was almost completely full by the time Joss and crew came on stage. A fair number of browncoats from one board or another were all in line by 9:30am although the Serenity panel wasn't until 1:00pm. As soon as they opened the hall we rushed in and grabbed the best seats we could. Cathy and I were in row six, with quite a few browncoats in front of us.
I basically sat there all morning saving seats while my wife wandered in and out. Some of those panels I had to sit through were just horrid. But I won't name names...

Now for the good stuff. Joss walked on and the hall erupted into applause, whistles and cheers, including a standing ovation. It took him a minute or so to regain his composure and for us to quiet down.

The first thing he did was show us the TRAILER! Awesome stuff, but I'm not even going to try to talk about it since it was basically all spoilers. Then our BDH's came on stage to another huge ovation. I couldn't take it all in, but at least Sean and Summer seemed fairly overwhelmed by the response.

The rest of the panel was a Q&A, most of which I can't remember but there was one section where Joss asked each cast member to explain what they liked the most about their character. He also asked them each to tell what they liked the least about Jewel

Here is what I wrote down, at the time about each one. Any errors in these quotes are strictly mine.

Gina: I like my gun. It's a very sexy gun. She also liked the fact that her pants had spandex in them.

Alan: He gets to be the one who says 'Lets put the guns down and try to avoid violence' (most of the time )

Adam: "What is life without work." Bottom line kind of guy, cut the bull. He started to say 'bullshit', but stopped halfway and asked if he could say that. The crowd responded 'YES'.

Nathan: Even in the thick of battle you knew you could always turn to the Captain and know that he has the legs of a dancer. (Honest! That's what he said!)

Jewel: Warmth. No beef with anybody on the ship. Relationship with the Captain. Can give him shit without him blowing up at her.

Morena: Likes the fact that Inara is so smart and can do pretty much anything.

Summer: Gets to walk around barefoot. Summer mentioned early in the series how she wanted River to have a gun, then by episode 10 she has one. She is shooting for the captaincy.

Sean: Dislikes his tight pants. Love for his sister. "I love you Summer!"

Ron: Humor, conviction, unpredictability. Least like about Jewel: her frequent absence.

There was one time where Joss said something like "I didn't tell Adam this from the beginning but Jayne is Firefly's Cordelia". First Adam said, 'Yeah I can see that now", then he said "Who is Cordelia?", so he and Nathan started this long and Hi-larious pantomime where Nathan does the hour-glass outline, then mimes opening a centerfold, at which point Adam say "Oh! Now I remember!" Much laughter in the audience.

Someone asked about nicknames other than Captain Tightpants. Morena mentioned that they are always calling her stupid. Nathan said they called Adam Mister Stinkypants. Adam said that got started on burrito day.

There was a lot of joking about everyone calling Morena stupid until finally Adam said something about it being easier for a smart actor to act like a dumb person than a stupid actor act like a smart person. At which point Morena stood up and started to walk away but Joss intercepted her and gave her a hug, and escorted her back to her seat. Then he went over to Adam and gave him an inaudible speech. All was done in a spirit of fun! Morena was smiling the whole time.

When they were each talking about what plans they had for the future, Gina started with "First I'm going to finish Serenity...." When it was Nathan's turn he said "I'm not leaving Serenity, I'm going to live there." Then he joked about spin-off's he was going to start. Mal's Browncoat Brigade (or something like that), or Mal the Early Years. Most of them mentioned looking for work!

[Ed: Sorry these links no longer work. Well, they now go to puppy pictures rather than Firefly pics.]
Panel pictures at:
I added one of my videos to it, but even a few people downloading it will probably blow out my bandwidth cap.

I've edited this a bit and will probably edit or add to it as I watch (and rewatch ) the videos I took.


Monday, July 26, 2004 12:31 PM


hey there, bleyddyn! I'm glad you and Cathy had a great time. (hi Cathy!) So jealous, but I'll get over it. I have my own little tee-hee goin' on - I got brave and posted over on the firefly forum to Adam and got a reply. *looks out into the horizon* I will meet the Hero of Canton someday. I love this cast!!! Nathan is too, too funny, just silly, and then he says something like "I'm not leaving Serenity, I'm going to live there." A joke, but coming from him, it could be totally serious. Ahh, don't make me fall deeper!

Hope to talk with you during the next virtual shindig!!


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