A De-Lurking Warm-Up
Thursday, June 7, 2007

Well, first off, a hearty Ni-Hao to all the shiny Browncoats holding the line here at :)

Been off-line for, well... longer than I like to think of. Well, I've HAD internet, but this whole 'being in a committed relationship' thing really cuts down on the time I spend at a keyboard, I've found. (Don't worry Kaylee, I still only have eyes for you :)

Anyways, turns out I've been out of the loop since something like last September, so I thought it was high time to break the hiatus with a long-overdue (and most likely highly verbose) log entry. A little bit of a warm-up after a long slumber, so too speak.

Can't really blame my girlfriend, though, for being out of touch, as she's just as much a 'Coat as I am, now. (We just had our one-year anniversary in April and she got me the Done the Impossible DVD and a real shiny Serenity poster :) And we've been doing what we can to convert the masses, as well. We got her brother hooked with the BDM recently when it came on one of the HD movie channels (which rocked!) And we've managed to hook quite a few more with the Firefly bug; hopefully they're all dutifully spreading the word as well, of course.

So, I've missed out on quite alot of expressing my opinions on various things, so I'll just spew some out right here:

Oh, so I hear that Dark Horse is going to be putting out Serenity Lunchboxes in the near future? Absolutely shiny idea, I wish I'd thought of it first. Oh... wait. I did :)
Still, I'm going to have to buy those, too (throwing a few more bucks at the franchise never hurts, right?) Plus they do look really nice. (I like the Fruity Oaty Bars one, especially.) If interested, I've got a couple better shots of that here:
And blah, blah, blah... :) I've got better shots of these on photobucket, but I don't want to fill this page up with images, and I'm not as internet-savvy as I used to be, so if anyone's so terribly interested I can put those up in a more relevant post or something.

Nathan Fillion in Drive: WTF with cancelling another good show, on Fox no-less? I was just starting to get into that show, and all of a sudden... nothing? Still, bright side is now he's free to film more episodes of Firefly??? (Please????) Seriously, though, did Fox need to make room for yet more reality-TV or something?

Oh, and Summer's going to be in the new Terminator show. That's awful damn shiny, too. Can't wait for that. Definately need to see her doing more action scenes, seems like this'd be the show for that. ('Course Firefly would be THE show for that, but I suppose that goes without saying around here :)

Any news on that movie Jewel was going to be in? The Tribe, I think? (To be honest, I mostly remember she's running around in very little clothes in it, which, well... the testosterone in me isn't going to let me get that image out of my head any time soon. Not that that's an image I'm eager to be rid of.) Still, chauvanism aside, I'll be watching for that to come out as well (In my bunk :).

Uhmm.... oh, Joss isn't writing Wonder Woman anymore? Hmm... I remember reading his post about that on Whedonesque, and it sounded like it was at least a civil sort of decision. But still: isn't Wonder Woman sort of right up Joss's alley? Could there possibly be someone else out there that's more equipped to write a WW movie? (Starring Morena Baccarin, of course :) But hey... frees him up for another, perhaps more imporant, and certainly much shinier, franchise? (Can't imagine what that would be, think it starts with an "F".... ends with a "irefly"?)

Well... let's see. I know I've missed out on a LOT more than that. Been lurking for awhile, now, and while I've tried to check in now and again and see what's up... (Isn't Gina Torres in a movie coming out soon? Seem to remember something about that, but don't recall...)

Anyways, I think that's enough text-based regurtgitation for one day.

Just wanted to make a start of being a tad more involved. Got a couple little fan art projects in the works, I'll put those up once they're view-worthy-ish. Keep the faith, fellow 'Coats, spread the word, and remember: if at times it seems the line is thinning, there's still lots of us out here, holding for Mal's return. :P


Friday, June 8, 2007 6:37 AM


Welcome back to the active fold, nuclearday! Been a lonlier Blue Sun Room without ya;D

And re: Jewel and Gina's movies? Let's see..."The Tribe was in post-production the last time I checked the director/editor's blog for the flick. Gina's movie, "I Think I Love My Wife" basically came and went in like a week because of weak reviews and bigger flicks in competition with it. Imagine it will be out on DVD real soon.

Oh...have you checked out the post for Nathan's Super Secret Thingy yet? Mucho coolio, IMO:D



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