Thursday, May 31, 2007

September 2004
I left work one day because I was bored, or depressed, or angry I don’t remember what the reason was. I went downtown Seattle and decided to window shop. I stumbled from one street to another, and at the last moment decide to go see a movie. Something called “The Transporter” was playing, so I wandered into that movie and watched the coming attractions. There was something in that coming attractions about a show called Firefly, but they were more into talking about an up coming movie called Serenity. They showed a bunch of people walking around wearing cowboy like outfits, and it seemed to be kinda strange to me. They had all of these quick interviews with some of the crazed fans and I really didn’t pay it any mind. It looked kinda weird and reminded me of my Star trek days, and those fans looked and acted crazed about something! The movie transporter started and I promptly watched and then fell asleep.

Still September 2004

I was pissed that sales were down and was kinda depressed so I went to downtown Seattle once again to window shop and maybe look at all the weird people. On a whim I went into a movie theater and got some popcorn and sat down. After the coming attractions the movie started… I never did end up eating the popcorn. After all that business with the opening, and the Operative, and just after he said…”Where are you hiding little girl” and then that logo of Serenity showed up with that combination of violins, cellos, bass and French horns while this strange looking ship was doing a reentry burn…I was hooked from that point on. After I left the movie theater feeling like I had missed something Major I went home and googled Serenity and kept getting back a name called Firefly. I googled Firefly and got a site that had every episode in Real Player format. I watched ONE episode and went out the next day I bought the whole what I thought was the 1st season. I watched it and rewatched it and was hungry for more. I went back to the video store and asked for Firefly 2nd season, and the clerk that heard that from me just stood there with a sad look in his eyes. I repeated my query and he just said that there was no 2nd season. I must admit that this was most likely the worst news I had ever heard in my life. I left that store feeling like a fool and also feeling like I had been cheated out of something. I still feel this way by the way.

I don’t know why I decided to turn this into a blog, but what the hell. I’m drunk…again.



Friday, June 1, 2007 9:26 PM


Was a little quicker off the bat getting into the BDS...but I know your pain, River. Having the series on boxset...just calling out for more episodes? Tears your heart to pieces from the agony:(

Still...shared pain makes it hurt less;D


Friday, June 1, 2007 5:05 AM


Hey we feel your pain HUGS


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