Moving Targets
Friday, May 25, 2007

We're all moving targets. We talk and walk around one another, tiptoeing until we're hit. Maybe it's another person, maybe it's simple words, but the arrow slices a hole somewhere in your body that gushes and fills with new. And we'll bleed the new out until it's old and pointless. Until it's a memory and then we exist, waiting for another arrow.
My favourite T-shirt says "Don't let reality get you down." It's funny how easily it can do that. I live in my head, I see the outside world, but I'm a stranger peeking into a window, horrified with what I see and begging someone will close it. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to die, I just don't want to live; where I am. Where ever that is.
At work yesterday it was overly dead for a period of time that let me contemplate the inexistance of white culture. Perhaps we have one, but its traditional foods are McDonalds, and our folk music preaches words demeaning to women like that of the bibles. Demeaning to everyone. Our tradional dress? Take your pick. Black, jeans, spandex? We go through fazes, and have labelled our own "culture" with subtitles shuffled them into a corner. Don't look upon me. Is no one safe from ourselves?
I found my movie soul mate. At first I was going to say soul-mate, but having never met said person, it would be unfair to do so. Here's the story. My sister was supposed to take 'care' of a dog that lives down the street. She goes over to let the dog out and whatever else her duties towards it was supposed to be and returns minutes later. I ask "How are you back so soon?" -"It wasn't there." Believing strongly in the inability of dogs to turn invisable on will or dissipate I was skeptical. I went back to the house to help her find the invisible dog. (Maybe I should have brought powder, or paint, to throw in the direction of creaky floor boards) We searched each room, opened doors that perhaps he could be hiding behind, to no avail. The last place was the basement and I entered only to be faced with a Monty Python Search for the Holy Grail poster. I stood in awe and nearly dropped to my knees, until my sister said, "If you like that, look." I followed her finger to the left of me and found a Serenity poster. I have yet to tell this person that we are movie soulmates, but when I see him I'll be sure to get his attention. Arrow anyone?
I'm ready to be famous. I'm tired of being unnoticed, not that I'm willing to do anything to change it. I just feel like I deserve some sort of recognition for being me. I look at the 'idols' of our media. Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, people wonder whats wrong with the world and I tell them to look at our headlines. People are more concerned with who's head is bald and who's to blame for Paris driving that actual important worldly things go unnoticed. We've become such Media whores that the only way to portray the things that are wrong with the world is to have Jon Stewart tell us, and only then through satire, and I'm sure half the people of the world don't get it anyways. I think my ramblings deserve more attention then Anna Nicole Smith's property battle. So the world will sit by and be targets of this MISinformation. Let us be lead and hit with the stupidest things imaginable, but bleed us into submission. The things we deem important are the arrows stabbing the bleeding hearts of scholars all over the world.

We are all Moving Targets. And no one can seem to find a place to hide.


Friday, May 25, 2007 12:32 PM


Uh...much as this defeats the purpose of the blog, but...did ya ever find the missing canine? Cuz I can't imagine the owner(s) being too thrilled if their dog has done a runner:( soul mate, huh? An interesting idea you got there, OrangeHat. I've certainly wondered if someone could develop a method of determining one's compatibility with another by the types of movies one likes. Though who knows...two people could love the same kinds of movies and still be leagues part because they love the same films for different reasons.



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