My Head Feels Like It's Going To Explode
Monday, May 21, 2007

I can't do this. I give up. It's official.

Throughout the last month, it's been dawning on me occasionally that I have alot on, in a short space of time, but I've made plans (ok, I've thought of plans, I didn't actually write anything down) to try and handle it all. I've felt ok-ish about it, you know? The temptation to hit my head against a wall until I knock myself out has been less than in previous times of stress.

But last night, the reality of it all just hit me like a wrench to the head. My exams start in 4 days, and I haven't done any reading or revision for any of them. Even the open book exam is looking impossible, because the textbook for the module is bloody useless!!

I'm getting increasingly worried about the CSTS screening I'm organising. I keep coming up with lists of new things to do all the time - I think I'm on top of it all, and then BAM! Something else is thrown at me. I'm not regretting my decision to organise it at all but I wish the timing could have worked out a bit better.

Also, my funds are running looooow. I seriously need to find another part-time job for the summer, but it's so hard when people never get back to you! I can bust my butt sending out 20 CVs and I'll be lucky if I get 2 replies. It SUCKS. I still have my current job at the chemist but I've been wanting to try something different alongside that for a long time now, and I missed out on getting a new job last summer, so if it happens again, I will cry. But looking for a new job is just another stress to add to the pile I'm buried under.

I'm just going to go crawl in my bed, and stay there for a month, ok? Call me if anything interesting comes up...


Monday, May 21, 2007 5:16 PM


Definitely know all about where you are right now, Wynter. I have a "To Do" list longer than Serenity, not enough time to do it in and new stuff keeps popping up. Though I am finished with school for summer.

To go point by point, I can only offer the following:

1) School --> figure out which of your 4 exams is the most important or needs the most studying to get a halfway passable mark and focus on that, with the remaining three being studied for in a descending scale of importance/need. And I wish all the best for when the time comes to write them;)

2) CSTS 2007 screening --> I have only one word for ya: delegation. Call on your helpers or find some from the local Browncoat group to give ya a hand with the minor/niggly stuff. Trying to do everything yourself will only drive you to insanity and make you look like some sore of OCD-suffering perfectionist. Which is not of the good, if ya know what I mean;)

3) Job search --> You just gotta keep plugging away at it, submitting resumes to places you;'d be wiling to work at/for. The ratio of resumes submitted to callbacks is very tiny in all honesty. Something like 5:1...or something similar to that. I am sure you will find something;)


Monday, May 21, 2007 6:59 AM


Well known feeling this... Cant help you I'm afraid :( But Im totally sympathetic... if that helps any

Monday, May 21, 2007 4:57 AM


OH this sounds so familiar...oh yes it's my life 10 years ago. I promise it does get better and you will get through it..does that help? Now go revise:)


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