My 76th Battalion Uniform - another update
Saturday, May 12, 2007

Had to take a trip to the Army Navy Store in Coatesville today to get some odds and ends since the little man went through Cross-over for Cub Scouts. Among the new hat, tie clasp, and belt, I made some of my own uniform purchases. See, it's easier to hide those things from hubby when I do it that way. ;) Shhh!

I picked up a plain black tee shirt for around $7. Now, I usually take a 2x, but I've been losing a little bit of weight. I've gotten down to a 1X and I'm content to be there since I've worn those for a very long time. Since I'll be wearing layers, I decided to go with a Large since I want it a little snug because on top of the tee I'll be wearing a vest and coat. I wanted something that'd feel like skin that wouldn't chafe and bunch up while I'm marching. I just tried on the tee and it is snug, just the way I wanted it. When wearing it under the vest and coat, it was absolutely perfect. :) Now I need to wash it once or twice to get rid of the freshly dyed smell and get some fabric softener into it.

I have a belt already, but it's more of a tool belt and it needs to be dyed. It also fits my waist, but not my hips where I want my holster to be slung. (I have very generous hips.)

I picked up a belt at the same time as the tee and holy cow what a difference. I won't say which SIZE belt I bought, but it was loose enough to sling a little lower than my waist but fit well enough not to fall to the floor. I put the holster from Mircea and the pouch from the COL on it and it felt great.

Last night, my kids had been playing at my mom's house and found some sort of strap to one of her bags. It had the hooks on the end and was a good length. I asked to steal it and strapped it to my G36. If I can soak that thing at the same time as the stripe material for my pants, I'll have a perfect new sling. The one that comes with the gun isn't conducive to people with breasts. I swear it. But now I can flip the gun to my back comfortably to keep it out of the way. Now if the dye takes, I'll be set.

Today was like a total 76th Uniform euphoria.

I'm tempted to go and buy my pants while my good luck holds...


Saturday, May 12, 2007 12:53 PM


Congrats on the costume pieces finds;)


Saturday, May 12, 2007 10:20 AM


YAY Kaele!

Very clever use of materials. :)

I hope you'll post pics when you're done?


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