Feeling a Bit Blue
Friday, May 11, 2007

Hi all. Yeah, I know I'm still not around much. Some of it is work and the cleaning thing, but some is I'm kinda in a bit of a funk. I get home and I just kinda become a lump that's only interested in either reading or playing computer games, but the reading's been winning (except as far as my pocketbook's concerned.)

I still got the insomnia thing going, too. Reading does seem to help me calm a bit, so I'm not having to hit the Prilosec. My attention span, once I get home from work, is the pits, which is kinda another reason why i haven't been here much. My favorite threads tend to get very long, very quickly and my brain just won't function coherently for that length of time. It's pretty much 'Short Attention Span Theatre' time.

Let's see, since I last posted, I did go to jury duty. Parking was astronimical ($10.00) but I got a bit of a surprise. My former roommate (and friend since 2nd grade) was summoned that day as well. We had a nice chat (she's been kinda busy since she remarried) until she was called out. I got called about 40 minutes later, went up stairs and....sat in a black slate--yes, REAL slate--hallway for an hour and a half. Then the bailiff came out and told us the case got settled out of court and herded us back to the main jury room.

Watched 'Men in Black' on their TV and when it was over my friend returned. She'd gotten interviewed for a murder trial, but the defense attorney dismissed her.

We talked a bit more and I got called again. this time it was to tell me I was free to go home, so I got sprung at 12:30pm. Not too shabby as they's told us there was over 30 cases that day that were going to need juries.

I ended up then going to the movies with a different friend and seeing 'the Invisible.' it was an interesting movie, but not what I was expecting from the trailer I'd seen several months back. They'd marketed it as a kind of weird mystery, but what it actually was was a character study. Very weird.

I am no longer doing OT at work, but am now thinking of a second job to help with the bills. *sigh*

In a effort to get myself being more responsible, I've re-established my fish tank and now have 3 guppies, two neon tetras and two snails. They're all very cute. The tetras want to school and the guppies want sex. It's very amusing to watch.
Today (okay, yesterday...Friday in any case) was a busy day. Frankly I think I'd have had an easier day had I gone to work.

Today started with going to the Secretary of State office (read: DMV) to get tabs for my non-running car (yeah I really need to get rid of Spike. I think he'll be a donation to a charitable organization...several of them will take non-running vehicles) only to discover I didn't have a current proof of insurance paper for it. Went back to the insurance agent, obtained it, back to the SoS and paid them. Then hit Costco, Target, Meijer and Barnes and Noble.

Got home, changed and went over to a friends' home. I'm promised to help rugrat wrangle their child at a baseball game as the child's mom had to go to a work-related meet & greet. So child, daddy (who was also having a b-day that day) and myself went to a college baseball game and watched the home team cream the visitors 12-1.

Went home, re-blonded myself (yeah, my hair hasn't been this color naturally since I was 25) and am catching up on emails.
*hugs to everyone*


Saturday, May 12, 2007 11:20 AM


Certainly know the feeling about wanting to do nothing but read and play on the computer. Probably why my school marks have plummted recently:(

Still...glad to know you're still with us in spirit and that life is moving along for ya. Didn't know the DMV was part of the State Department (would have though the Department of Transport), but since I an not an American, I get to be ignorant in this case;)

Oh...before I forget: massive hug to RMMC for the reason of "just because"



Saturday, May 12, 2007 5:50 AM


Lots of hugs and kisses and cups of tea!

Saturday, May 12, 2007 12:49 AM


Wow I must say that for a person with insomnia and a short attention span you get a lot done... Or maybe it only seems that way to one who is stuck at university 12 hours every day to get one thing finished... Hope youll feel like a different colour soon :)

Friday, May 11, 2007 8:58 PM


*big hugs* to you RMMC...

Just to have your shiny self here for a bit is a blessing.

Take care of you please and come more often when the Attention Span thingy gets better.

Remember you are very loved here.


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