What is the Blue Sun Corporation? Part II
Monday, May 7, 2007

This entry continues and concludes my analysis of the Blue Sun Corporation. I was forced to begin a second blog entry because my previous entry was so long it maxed out available memory. If you have reached this page and are interested in starting from the beginning, please refrence my inital entry:

And now, on to the conclusion!

So as I explained previously, I believe that Blue Sun has introduced a biological agent into the food that they mass market. I believe this was done as contracted work for the Alliance government in an effort to control the populace should there ever be another civil war. The Hands of Blue villans utilize the "little blue sticks that hum" to stimulate the infection and ultimately cause death of infected hosts. They can do this safely due to the fact that they are not themselves infected. I've often wondered if death is the only result of exposure to activated blue sticks. Perhaps there are multiple settings on the device, such as STUN or PAIN. If this is true, the Hands of Blue could capture victims without inflicting physical harm. Torture could be effected in a similar fashion. Those are just wild speculations. There is no evidence to support anything like that. But it's an interesting idea.

As far as a mass infection goes, the Alliance government now has a powerful tool at their fingertips. Imagine this scenario: A rim world begins to once again become hostile to the Alliance. A movement on that world decides to declare independence. Then on a dark night Alliance vessels enter the area and broadwave the same stimulus that the Hands of Blue effected against the Alliance federals in the Hospital in Ariel City...but on a much larger scale. Within minutes, thousands of rebels (and innocents) will be dead. At that point, the only job left is to clean up the mess and chalk it up to a mysterious mass disappearance. Some people might learn the truth, but who cares? The victims were just rim worlders. Nobody in the core will notice. The reaver cover-up worked for 12 years.

I've also spent time speculating about River Tam and her relationship with Blue Sun. As I stated before, the academy River attended was (I believe) an Alliance front to identify exeptional humans for study. The actual dirty work is performed by Blue Sun and members of Parliament will occasionally take tours to observe results. If you watch the R Tam sessions, you can see that River didn't start out crazy. In session 1 she is excited and happy. River clearly feels that there is so much to learn and has no idea of the sinister elements about to decend on her. We can also see that her psychic abilities are not as strong as they will be later when she is on board Serenity. The interviewer asks her about her intuitions and she describes them, but the ability to fully read minds isn't cultivated yet. In the next session River is clearly damaged, but still semi-sane. She asks to go home but is told no. In the next 2 sessions its obvious that she's stark raving mad, but also clear is that Blue Sun has come a long way in "turning on" her psychic senses. This culminates in her statement that without speaking Dr. Mithias "gave her a mission". The intent of what Blue Sun was doing is clear to me: They were sculpting a psychic assassin, just as Mal describes during the crew meeting in Objects in Space.

River shows 2 moments where she negatively reacts to Blue Sun. The first is the aforementioned descruction of Blue Sun brand food. The other is when she slashes Jayne with a butchers knife in Ariel. In the directors commentary, it is stated that River was actually attacking Jaynes Blue Sun T-shirt rather than Jayne himself. Joss does a masterful job of misdirecting us in allowing Jayne to insult Simon by spitting on his Whetstone after being asked to cease. River then slashes Jayne. While our inital reaction to the event is that she was angry Jayne insulted her brother, the true answer to why she attacked lies in her statement "He looks better in red". River was acting out against Blue Sun, but due to her state of mind the crew (and we) perceve a dangerous lunatic.

My final conclusions about Blue Sun are thus:
1. They are a megacorp. Possibly the largest.
2. Their public business model is 50% household staples & 50% information technologies
3. They are in the side pocket of the "establishment" (i.e. parliament & the nobility)
4. They contract with the Alliance government in secret.
5. 2 secret projects are A) Mass infection of the general populace and B) Creating psychic assassins.
6. There are surely other projects we know nothing about.

As a final note, I suspect that Book knew some of these things. My belief is that Book was an Operative during the Unification War. His guilt over past deeds forced him into his current role as a shepard. Had the show continued as it should have, I think Book would have begun to relate some of the things he knew about Blue Sun.

This concludes my analysis of Blue Sun. While I'm surely not 100% correct, I think I'm close. My conclusions have been reached based on 4 years of watching Firefly, 3 years active on this board, and lots of independent thought.


Saturday, October 18, 2014 12:23 AM


This guy was right, Book fought in the Unification War...

Tuesday, May 8, 2007 5:53 PM


Some rather brilliant - if speculative - ideas here, bluesuncompanyman! Definitely gotta wonder how close the nail head you hit with these thoughts...



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