The ridiculous price of Firefly goods on e-bay
Thursday, July 22, 2004

Not that this really matters at all, I'm so apathetic about it I cant even be bothered to check the spelling on ridiculous, but what gives?
Take a look at this:


Now, thats a nice peice to be sure but lets get real, its essentially two peices of printed plasitc or paper. Is it really worth $400? To anyone? Have Firefly goods become that elitist? Another example is an old crew jacket. Sure its nice and has never been worn (so they say) but is the starting price of $250 sensical in the least? And if not what can you say about the reserve price of $500? Its a jacket! Sure it comes from a show we all love from the bottoms of our hearts but are any of us willing to spend that amount for this stuff?

Just dosent make sense to me is all.


Friday, July 23, 2004 10:42 AM


It's all a matter of perspective and priority. Many people pay an awful lot of good money for things that I wouldn't pay 2 cents for - art and "Designer" clothing comes to mind right away - but hey, I'm not them. I enjoy building nice collections of things I really love. So I'm Independent and can afford things like this for myself. What else is money for? :) At least it didn't go to a FOX executive, eh?

Thursday, July 22, 2004 10:37 PM


Yes, Firefly goods are worth that much to people. Fans want to own a part of the show and will pay anything for the privilige. Things like t-shirts, cups etc tend to sell quite cheaply because they turn up regularly. Others like the translites and coat are very rare, so the price rises accordingly.

It's not just pieces of paper and a coat to a fan. It is a piece of Serenity and an item worn by Mal. To someone who loves and admires the show it is a piece of history they can hold/wear. I would have bid, but I was broke at the time!

I don't think the high price means it is elitist. Many people have high paypal accounts because they sell on e-bay. Others pay by credit card and gradually pay the cost off. Others can afford to pay outright, I say good for them for getting themselves in a position where they can do that. Don't forget the programme appeals to an older audiance who has a more disposable income.

If the film does well it could also turn into an investment. Look at how much the original Starwars merchandise was selling for a few years ago.

Don't you have a hobby that you are willing to spend money on? My hubbie collects badges. To me they are just useless bits of metal/plastic. It makes him happy though, so who am I to judge.


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