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Monday, April 30, 2007

My last post in the Thread "1943" I'll written as usual yes, but what do you think about it.

Thanks, but I am well aware of the nature of humanity and what it is capable of. It's just that every now and then when I least expect it suddenly it hits me just how historically, and presently cruel and mean we are to one another. Human nature? Yes, it is our way; it's what makes human beings, human beings, but still I don't have to like it, which I don't and never will. One could say that I'm shaking my fist at gravity, and in certain ways I am shaking my fist at something I myself cannot control which in itself is an act of futility, but I would not say that I'm being hyper-focused. Any normal human being with a soul would react to a scene of butchery with revulsions, and disgusts which I demonstrated when I watched that movie; it is a natural response.

Its no wonder that the human race has so many stories of super heroes and champions, or supernatural beings, or Gods and spirits fighting for our best interests because considering the horrors we visited upon each other presently and historically, we are frightened shitless of each other because we know what we are all capable of.

Certainly there are people out there who do good acts, and in many ways are heroes. I acknowledge them and their efforts, but it is also very true that the evil that exists in this world totally outnumbers the good. That good is a thin, blue line that keeps evil at bay, but never enough good to totally destroy it because totally destroying evil means that we end up totally destroying ourselves. How screwed up is that? We seem to need evil. Crazy world if you ask me.

Also, as wired tight as I am I do my bit of good for the undeserving humanity. We all in one form or another have to make a choice about what side we want to be on, and then act on that choice in the many ways available. I am just convinced that even though there are good people out there I believe that most people are evil, or have evil intent...call it greed or lust, or hate, or power and prestige; call it whatever you want it is something that we excel well at speaking historically of course.

One of my top annoyances with the human race is one of so-called racial superiority, or racial inferiority. This has got to be the dumbest thing we ever come with. People point at Africans and say they are inferior because they didn't invent a lot of things, so I guess the measure of human development is what your race as created, invented, or built. Whites think that they are superior to other races because of the many things that have been built. We even gone to the moon, but in my mind this brings us no closer to the all mighty, and in certain ways we are the "N" word of humanity. If there were such a creature as a superior human that human would never need to push that superiority in the faces of other races and blame them for not developing as fast as we did. We are not superior to anyone. I personally think that we are tricked into thinking that all of our fancy gadgets we created is a mark of superiority, but it isn't...not in the least.

Lastly. Looking at the whole white race in general, there have been many that created great things and moved in great strides in science, math, arts and social causes, but the rest of white humanity was just along for the ride. How dare we take the credit of the few great people and say that WE ourselves are superior?

Just another weird thought banging around in this thing that passes for my brain.



Wednesday, May 2, 2007 4:23 PM


In complete agreement with you RiveR2163. Racial superiority is a fallacy that I wish had never come into being...but it's all part of that lovely "survival of the fittest" mentality. Except it's about intangible things that a lot of people can't change:(



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