FOX is SO considerate*
Saturday, April 28, 2007

*Sarcasm, people - that was TOTAL sarcasm

I'm an art student, and I attend class at night, AND I don't have digital TV or TiVO. This means that my poor little VCR is getting a workout recording at least one to two hours per night of TV that I would like to keep up on. It's not a lot; Heroes, Gilmore Girls, Bones, Supernatural. I was recording Lost for awhile, then realized that for me Lost and 24 are best watched on DVD when I don't have to obsess about keeping track of them when I should be obsessing about turning in that next design project.

Recently (as you might expect), I had added "Drive" to my exclusive line up. I was happy to see Nathan on a weekly basis again, even if he didn't get to use that sexy mischievous smile. At all. I didn't even mind that he was driving a Dodge. The 60s era Challenger was *hawt*, and Nathan looked *pretty gorram hawt* driving it. He had the same gleam in his pretty blue-grey eyes that he got when he held the gun on Patience, or when he cut Jayne free of the Reaver harpoon. Only with that sexy mischievous smile.



But I guess I didn't have time to obsess about that either, did I? And obviously Fox realized it before I did. That's why they cancelled it, right? They had my best interests at heart?

Yeah, sure they did.

~grumble mutter~

Back in the day, we called Fox the serial killer of quality TV. Now they're the serial killar of infant TV. I go away for awhile and it turns out NOTHING has changed, has it?


Monday, April 30, 2007 5:41 PM


One day short of 5 months exactly since you last posted, Chainnain. Definitely a record;)

Still...I completely agree with ya. Except for the moment when Alex/Nathan is proving to the competition what a Hemi-powered muscle car could do in the 2nd/3rd episode (depending on if you classify the first two hours of the series one episode or two), we never got to see him whip out the big guns. Sad, it is:(


Saturday, April 28, 2007 4:51 PM


My sentiments are the same!

Saturday, April 28, 2007 9:22 AM



My God Woman! How long has it been! Good to see you. I didn't even get to see one episode of Drive over here.

Boo hoo. I hope I can find a way to see it when I get back.

But, always good to see you!


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