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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Yes, after two weary months I finally have my own car again. :)

Let me tell ya, with all these spiff toys online to help you buy a used vehicle(cars.com & carfax.com) it's a pity that by the time one finds out whether or not a car is a good value, in good repair, that it's gone by the time you actually go to see the ruttin' thing. Really. Almost every car I earmarked to see, was gone by the time I got to the dealership. The few that weren't turned out to be lemons.

So, after banging my head on my desktop, my stepdad found a used Saturn up by him with low miles and for a good price. So I took back up my mom's SUV and bought it. It rides nice, but I had to replace 1 tire as it was old, dead, and didn't match the other three.

I've also got to find out where in my tiny apartment, I can fit stuff my mom left me and gat it down state soon. I brought home a bookcase and all her cookbooks and religious items this weekend while I was up there.

While this is going on, work is getting antsy about Fiscal year end and I've been doing OT there to at least catch up from all the work I've missed the past six months.

I'm exhaused, still not sleeping too well, may not be able to afford to go to Pensic and, oh, I have jury duty at the end of the month. The fun just never stops.

I owe my friend $1000.00 that she loaned me for the car downpayment...she'll get $450 back fairly soon as that's what I'll be getting from my tax returns and the rest as I can cull it out of subsequent paychecks.

I have hopes of being able to spend more time online sometime soon.

I miss all of you, I hope you're all well and I thank God for ya'll daily. *hugs*


Wednesday, April 25, 2007 8:11 AM


Saturns are great but a word of warning: DO NOT LET IT OVERHEAT. The engine is all aluminum and may warp in numerous places if it gets too hot for too long. Don't get me wrong, I loooove Saturns, aside from the loss of an engine due to overheating of course.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007 6:28 AM


Big HUGS and that's lovely. So what color is your new car?

Tuesday, April 24, 2007 5:42 PM


*warm, fuzzy bunch of huggles for RMMC*

All kinds of happy to see you back around these parts, RMMC! Glad you got a set of wheels of your own now...though I am still all kinds of sad about your loss. Still...glad to hear things are moving in a generally shiny direction.


Tuesday, April 24, 2007 4:55 PM



I'm so happy to see you albeit briefly! We miss you!


I hope you are ok. Please know we're always here... if you get to come home. :)

You're in my thoughts and prayers.


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