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Monday, April 23, 2007

If you've just stepped in to Joss's 'Verse through my eyes, see my Log for a quick description of the main characters mentioned. In brackets will be the first story they appear in - hopefully with as few spoilers as possible - if you want to read more.

Bane Pye - Munitions expert, particularly in EMP equipment. Hired out by Reynolds for a job and is then asked to sign on as crew (Series 1 - 1: Hun Dan). Like Mal and Zoe she fought in the war but did sabotage work blowing up Alliance facilities with her mother. She can conjure up an alias as sure as breath. She can also conjure up a bomb in the same way.

Karl Jacobsson - In the wake of uncertainty after the BDM and a few hairy moments since, Mal hires Karl as an extra gun hand. Signed on to Serenity in November 2518, after Hun Dan . Skills: Gun-hand and muscle like Jayne. Criminal past like Jayne but also served time as well. You can imagine why they get on so well. Karl does think about the bigger picture more and after Ghosts in the Past , he has a major secret of his own revealed (Series 1 - 2: Humped).

Tony Pye - Bane Pye's brother and Captain of the Rosalyn, the first Pye Eatings vessel since the war (Series 1 - 1: Hun Dan).

Abe Fairly - Brilliant mechanic and former owner of Serenity before she was bought by Malcolm Reynolds (Series 1 - 12: One Careful Owner). Later gets a job as mechanic on the Rosalyn.

Esperanza Pedrosa - Abe's adopted daughter and now the wife of one of our BDHs (Series 1 - 11: Reunions).

James Dedham - former Alliance Lieutenant and then Colonel who has various illegal dealings on the side. A nasty piece of work who has a vengeful history with Bane Pye and keeps coming back like a bad smell (Series 1 - 3: Prairie Run).

Hans Kifelder - Mayor of Munchen on Deutschland. His father is Mayor of Hannover and his mother (Berta) has a tendency to interfere in his life, which is why he lives in Munchen. He is with one of our BDHs (Series 1 - 9: Ich Liebe Dich) and comes up with the suggestion of buying the land that later becomes Gang Kou.

Uri Kostova 'Koz' - long-standing acquaintance of Mal & Zoe and owner of Kostova Ship Repair on Boros (bought in the wake of the murder of the Sanchez Bros in the BDM). Gives Mal the occasional job, but is Serenity's favourite place for an overhaul (Series 1 - 3: Prairie Run).

Spike - Kostova's first mate and expert mechanic and pilot. As protective towards Koz as Zoe is to Mal (Series 1 - 3: Prairie Run).

Kaylee's family - Ray & Winnie Frye and their sons; Ray Jr, Lewis and Archie (Series 1 - 12: One Careful Owner) who live on Highgate.

Jayne's family - Matt & Dee Cobb and their younger son, Matty - although now he is older he prefers Matt (Series 1 - 15: Jayne). They come from Muir.

Ishmael - The son of one of our BDHs (Series 1 - 16: Return to Deutschland).

Stan Togashi - Pilot on the Rosalyn. Takes very little seriously, living fast and playing hard. Another one to get involved with one of our BDHs (Series 1 - 1: Hun Dan).

Mary Francis - Captured onto the slave ship near the same time as Corren Pye. She is from Lilac and has seen our BDHs at work first-hand, though she was just a child at the time (Series 1 - 18: Reavers Return).

Pavel Wladek - Alliance Comms specialist, now at the rank of Colonel. Known as a boy scout to his colleagues. Works with Bane Pye to bring down James Dedham (Series 1 - 6: Wedding Blues).

Monty Reynolds - Still around, though mainly specialising in weapons smuggling. His crew are called Rocky, Barstow and Eric, and are just as loyal as Mal's (Series 1 - 2: Humped).

Sheydra - Inara's friend at the Companion House. Later, her family connections help one of the crew of Serenity out of some deep go se (Series 1 - 5: Ships in the Night).

Laurence Hosier - deputy and friend of Pavel Wladek, who he considers a mentor (Series 1 - 8: Alliance vs Serenity).

Hieronymous Dudge - ex-bounty hunter now turned Shepherd. Though forgiven in the eyes of the Lord, he still feels the weight of guilt about some of his former exploits (Series 1 - 8: Alliance vs Serenity).

Abigail Penney - Alliance Colonel and later Operative with extremely high family connections (Series 1 - 18: Reavers Return). Ficlets with the word Kill in, are featuring her ongoing missions as an Operative (Series 2).

The Pyes
A closed bonded family for whom the description 'space gypsies' was largely coined. They hail from some of the old nomadic tribes of the Asian/Russian continent on Earth-That-Was. When they took to the Black like everyone else it became their home instead of a just place to travel in. Their business was food, and later food and provisions. Their ships became known as the Pye Fleet and for generations they only set foot planetside to serve food. Later, the Alliance tried to curb this free enterprise and every single one of the Pyes who were old enough, joined the Browncoat cause when the call came - their ships being more valuable as part of a new military fleet. The War decimated their numbers and carved up their families. Historians believe that the Pye family and extended families numbered over a thousand before the war, and less than thirty afterwards. Though scattered across the planets, they still try and maintain the sense of family and bonding. The patriarch of the family is Tony's father-in-law and uncle Lo Pye.

Gang Kou - A bolt hole on Deutschland where Serenity's crew have started to lay down roots (Series 1 - 16: Return to Deutschland).

My stories lean to seeing Serenity and the crew through Bane’s eyes but there is still plenty on our BDHs – otherwise I wouldn’t be doing this!


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