spring blooms
Saturday, April 21, 2007

Okey dokey, I'm feeling better now. Snow's all gone and it's up to almost 70F. We've started hacking away at the wild grapevine that is growing all over everything in the yard here. I spread 12 bags of cedar mulch at the old place to prettify it a little for the market. I love the smell of cedar!
Uniform for the 76th's coming along nicely.

I posted another one last night. It had been bubbling along for a while and I just had to get it out there and off my desktop. It reads a little choppy and kind of cryptic, but then again it probably should as the characters are all just about as confused as the rest of us. Something's trying to get itself wrote down and I'm not sure what it is yet.
(As with creatures from the Dungeon Dimensions: we just have to wait and hope it's not the one with its winkle in the middle of its face. )

Hope you enjoy it, and if you don't I hope the headache isn't too bad.


Sunday, April 22, 2007 2:47 PM


Well...good to know it's supposed to be all kinds of "Huh?" and "This is confusing," stinkingrose;)

And yay to warm weather!



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