Rainy Days & Birthdays
Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Hats off to another year - in light of my recent birthday (and the last one before the dreaded 3-0), I felt I should take a moment to wax poetic about the state of my life and where I'm heading, maybe even spend a bit of time wallowing in self-pity over my lack of relationships and even more disturbing lack of a social life ...


So, I won't wax poetic or wallow - instead, I'll give you a little hint about what's brewing on the horizon, both in fanfic and not.

1) After I finish posting The Right To Love(if you haven't started reading, I'd get crackin'), I will be posting the sequel to Best Intentions, Second Chances. A Simon/Kaylee, Mal/Inara-centered fic, it is full of angsty goodness and just a few touches of smut. By the way, I'm fairly certain that - angst + smut - is the diehard formula for all good fanfic.

2) I am currently working on the sequel to the sequel of Best Intentions, Unforeseen Consequences. Also Simon/Kaylee-Mal/Inara-centric, this story will actual focus on a new idea of mine - River losing her memory, including all memories of the Academy and her time on Serenity. It's a lot of fun to write, so I'm really hoping you all are going to like reading it too. And again, it has the angst + smut angle working for it.

3) Due to overly long and in-depth conversations with Kaynara (LOL - you know I love you!), some of you may have noticed an increase in the Mal/Inara fic I am churning out ... Well, I hope you like it, because there is more in the pipeline. I am finishing a 2nd and 3rd Part to Dancin'. Just a bit of smut bookends with some juicy angst sandwiched between. These fics will probably be posted simultaneously with the rest of The Right To Love as they are almost done - and I'm a comment junkie!

4) As for what's in my "queue," I have 9 stories currently banked - i.e. finished and waiting for a beta - to post. Most of them take place following the BDM as that is my favorite time period to write. They are chock full of all the dramatic elements - laughter, tears, death, birth, war - and that's just one fic! I'm going to do my best to get some of the older stories I've written posted next. Interesting note (at least to me) - The Right To Love was actually finished at the end of July 2006 and I'm just now posting it. Huh.

5) I am a graduate student now, majoring in Professional Writing with a fiction concentration. What does that mean, you may ask? It means, I am wasting some sorely needed creative brain cells on fanfic when I should be writing my own original stuff!

But do not worry, I will continue to split my concentration (okay, to be fair, it's more like 80/20) between fanfic and original fic. I just can't stay away from this damn ship and her crew!

6) Oh! And I have a new job, which requires a lot of writing - the boring, mundane kind, but writing all the same. Therefore, those brain cells are even more maxed than usual. So, give a girl some love and post a comment! (Like how I worked that in? )

Of course, there are the one-offs I can't get out of my head and the occasional smut prompt that Leiasky is still prodding me to write - as well, as beta-ing for thems that need it and, as mentioned, my own original work.

However, I love this fandom, for so many reasons I'm fairly certain I can't count them. And since "Love keeps her in the air," love will no doubt keep me madly pounding away at my keyboard, writing for all you wonderful people out there in the darkness of cyberspace.

Thanks, as always, for reading. Comments and quick little notes from fellow browncoats who enjoy my work are the best - and just make me grin like mad!

Happy April (and May, since I probably won't update again for while!)!



Saturday, April 14, 2007 8:13 PM


I am SO jealous of your proliferation of material, TamSibling. Still struggling to get something written, beta'd and posted to test the waters:(

Still...all these tales sound 10 kinds of lovely and I know I am eager to see what you've dreamt up:D


Wednesday, April 11, 2007 3:55 AM


Anxiously awaiting your new fic:)


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