Big Dry, Hicks & Politics of Mud-slinging & Budgie-smugglers
Monday, March 5, 2007

Ho hum.
Semester has started, atleast it seems like it will be bearable content.

Summer is officially over, and we are heading into the dry season. Which ain't much fun considering we need rain. We haven't had a big wet across the country in ages. A number of places are in deep trouble, infrastructure is being put in all over the shop, but some places are going to cut it really close. Its tough balancing environmental needs and human needs (and also explaining to humans that their "needs" don't involve 20 minute showers and hosing their driveway to clean it, etc).

News has been moderately interesting in Australia, David Hicks' (the Australian held in Guantanamo for past 5 years) US military lawyer has been threatened with legal action (something about military people publically saying bad things about the US president, state secretary, congress, et al being an offence under Article 88. I think it was meant to stop military coups, and applying it to this is a little absurd even if it is following the letter of the law). I'd be very suprised if he was charged, I mean it is ridiculous... of course I also think holding people without a fair trial is ridiculous so what do I know. Hicks seems like a moron, and possibly he may be a complete dick, but even complete dicks deserve due process.

The federal politicians have been slinging (and dodging) mud. Amusing, but without much substance. I preferred the policy debate which up until last week that was actually happening for once (Can you imagine it? Politicians not only debating issues that are important to the people but also the whole thing being reported in the media. Remarkable.)

The problem with slinging aforementioned mud, seems to be that it sticks. Not just on your intended target but also on yourself. And all you end up with is dirty hands. Entirely unseemly.

Not nearly as unseemly as the politicians that have taken to wearing the ol' budgie-smugglers to press outings. WE DO NOT NEED (OR WANT) TO SEE THAT!!!! Speedoes are not good attire for our leaders (or aspiring leaders). I blame Bob Hawke for starting the trend, however it is now the Liberal (for non-Aussies that is the conservative party, ironic I know) politicians that are now getting on board with the DTs, State Opposition Leaders, Federal Ministers. It has Gone Too Far!! Enough is Enough!!! People of Australia stand up for the right to open the newspaper and not be overwhelmed with the desire to gouge out your own eyes!!!!!

ok, i need to go have a drink now... bad memories... such bad memories...


Tuesday, March 6, 2007 7:04 AM


eeeeeew politicians in speedos

Monday, March 5, 2007 8:36 PM


Meh...politicians all over the world sling mud rather haphandedly. Kind of a right of passage, one's first political mudslinging;)

And there's been a rash of politicians wearing rubber nut huggers, huh? reason not to visit your fair land;D



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