Disney does Women's Hygiene?!!?
Thursday, March 1, 2007

I just found out Disney did a 10 minute cartoon about menstruation in the 1940s. I kid you not.


From its description:
Walt Disney's The Story Of Menstruation - Presenting the Story of Menstruation. A Walt Disney Production Through the Courtesy of Kotex Products - was originally delivered to the International Cellu-Cotton Company on October 18, 1946. It runs approximately ten minutes ... Neither sexuality nor reproduction is mentioned in this influential film, and an emphasis on sanitation makes it, as Disney historian Jim Korkis has suggested: 'a hygienic crisis rather than a maturational event.'
Schoolgirls in the 1950s were shown 'educational' films, such as 'Figure Forum' and 'Facts About Your Figure' (made by the Warner Brassiere Company) and it helped create 'needs' for such things as foundation support, cosmetics, and a variety of 'sanitary' products in young girls as early as eleven years old.

Not fussed about the "as early as eleven years old" since some girls at that age need the 'sanitary' products (some mature sooner than others), but not linking mensturation and reproduction/maturation... messed up. And cosmetics? Why? How is that linked? All it does is make you look prettier (if chosen well and applied properly) and without the 'reproduction' education I am not sure if they'd fully understand the possible end results (ie the 'reproduction').

Reminds me of the recent article that one third of UK women believe if you jump up & down after sex you can help prevent pregnancy! Perhaps they watched the Disney cartoon instead of getting the full facts.


Friday, March 2, 2007 7:47 PM


Really doesn't surprise me sadly...though the 1/3 of the UK female population thinking that jumping jacks will act as an effective contraceptive - more like aiding the enemy, if you ask me ;D - does give me a big ole pause:(

Though this film probably would have been just as "holy crap!" inducing as a vid I saw in high school where ejaculation was made into a roller-coaster ride;)


Friday, March 2, 2007 11:08 AM


Well studies have shown that, when ovulating,women wear skimpier clothes and more make-up so maybe it's just ahead of it's time in linking the two...LOL actually it reminds me of those 50's short films that Mystery Science Theater is always making fun of ( which by the way make me so mad my husband won't let me watch them)

Friday, March 2, 2007 3:35 AM


Kinda reminds me of a Dave Foley bit in season 1 of THE KIDS IN THE HALL when he does this very bizarre monologue about how he has a good attitude towards menstruation. And it's one of the grossest and funniest things you've ever heard. It was on YouTube for a bit and now it's gone. But it's something worth looking for.

"For I...have a good attitude...towards MENSTRUATION."

Friday, March 2, 2007 1:24 AM


Is that true? Not that jumping up and down prevents pregnancy, I'm not an idiot, but that one third of women believe it?


Maybe a decade ago, yeah, but I don't no ANYONE in my age group who thinks that.

Anyway, Disney should probably stick to drawing cartoons of hot, shirtless princes, I think. (Aladin anyone? Why oh why isn't he 3d and non fictional? heehee)

Anyhoo, liked this interesting tidbit. :D



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