Monday, February 26, 2007

Where we left off. Me having to call in after having a vacation day. Talked with my boss, all is okay at the moment.

Rental car. Most of the rental companies here want a real credit card before they'll rent you a vehicle. I only have a debit check card. the few that didn't have hissies about that, didn't having anything available. My friend (God love him...he's a sweetie) put the car on his card for the week and I paid him back in cash. The car is costing $180 per week. I can't afford to keep doing this. Car goes back tomorrow.

Tomorrow I bid my fond farwell to my car, Serenity. Yep, she's been totaled by the insurance company.

Seems in and amongst other things, both tie rods on the front right got bent and such and there's a few expensive parts that may have gotten taken out by it, but was cost prohibitive to check without it actually being worked on. I discovered this last friday when I went in to the collision shop to ask for a copy of the estimate.

Found out that I got there just after the adjustor called. That was the first day someone actually looked at my claim at the insurance company as things were backed up due to lots of claims from weather-related things.

I tried to call the adjustor on friday from my friend's home and got his voice mail. Played phone-tag with him again today until he called again (by mistake it turned out...he thought he was calling Chicago. These people worry me.)

the upshot is I'm gonna get about $600...the other $2100 goes to pay off the bank on the loan still outstanding on her. (Found out my insurance agent didn't list the lien on the car in the records. That was a fun conversation with the adjustor.)

I do still have another vehicle ("Spike" yes, I name all my cars)...which is not running. $600 isn't enough to fix him, either. What I'm gonna need to do is borrow against my retirement account which I hate to do, but at least I'm paying myself interest and not some ruttin' banker-type. (apologies to any browncoats in the banking industry)

Tomorrow the rental goes back, I need to clean out my dead car (and try to pop the antenna ball off that I pretty much glued on last month), fax and mail the car title to the insurance, call the bank and apprise them of what's going on so they'll talk to the insurance company.

So, what am I doing for transportation? It seems my brother and his wife are going to Florida to visit her folks for a week. I get their car in the meantime. Yea! One less week to pay for a rental.

I still also need to get the other car to a repair shop (Anyone know of a reputable repair shop in the western Wayne/eastern Washtenaw area?) after I get money from a loan, have the insurance on it changed from storage to full coverage and hope it gets fixed soon.

My car is not the only one who's a wreck right now. *sigh*

Mom Update

Mom is getting worse. She still hasn't bounced back from the overeating episode a few weeks back and I've only spoken with her twice in the past week as she hasn't felt well enough to talk. She's had to cancel two appointments with the doctors (over an hour away) as she's not doing well enough to go (the hospice nurse was in agreement.) They're gonna up the long-term pain meds in hopes of cutting down the short-term ones. They're also checking for a doctor who is willing to make housecalls.

I really need to get up there again soon. I haven't been there in over a month. *sigh*

Thanks to all you shiny folks for your support. *hugs*



Tuesday, February 27, 2007 9:40 PM


Damn...if you ain't having the time of your life:(

Still...I am thinking many happy-fuzzy thoughts on your behalf and sending them your way. You will get your transport issues sorted out soon, and I got faith your mom will improve...if only enough for the moment to allow more phone calls between the two of ya;D


Tuesday, February 27, 2007 5:22 AM


HUGS RMMC you just hang in there sweety! This has to look up soon:) Sorry your little car died. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed and such that the repairs on Spike are minimal and cheap!

Monday, February 26, 2007 6:15 PM


Sending thoughts of happy things and a big hug!


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