They said it couldn't be done...
Sunday, February 18, 2007

They were probably right.

I've opened the door, now, you see. It was alright when I had the one little 'Verse under control (sort of). But now I've let the other ideas in. The ones that drink the good booze, and break up the furniture. My finely crafted and elegant little piece of witticism is becoming a shindig.

Trying to shoe-horn two apparently incompatible fandoms together is difficult enough, without other random elements wanting in. How many films and tv shows can you rip off in one little fic? (Find out in the credits...)

Still, very few folk seem to be reading or commenting anymore. It's a little disheartening. It seems that unless you are sailing a particular 'ship, nobody bothers. But until I get this out of my head, I can't really get on with the Original Book, so I guess you're all stuck with it.

I mean, this isn't even the weird stuff yet.


Tuesday, February 20, 2007 4:19 PM


Ooh...let your muse run amok and have a grand ole (platonic) orgy of fun, SpaceAnJL! Cuz you've already got CSI, Doctor Who and Buffy in the mix (and Star Wars if I interpreted your remarks about Rik's driving skills and being a local giving him an advantage over other motorheads;D), so let the creativity just flow!


And you know I try my damndest to comment about your stuff, my dear. My comments sometimes get et...but I have begun double-checking recently to make sure that doesn't happen;)


Monday, February 19, 2007 6:28 AM


Oooh!! Oooh!! Wierder, more wierder!!

I commented as soon as I found them. I've been having some troubles of late, one of which is being cut off from internet access.
I agree that the "where did THAT come from?" effect can be wonderful.
There are about let's see (counts on fingers, other hand, toes, other toes, thinks really hard)..three people I get feedback on a regular basis, if you do not count Doctroid because he's my husband and he usually refrains from commenting. It can be frustrating, but then I look at the number of readings it's had and figure that at least they've read it even if they didn't like it much or were too busy to leave a message. I make sure I try to ignore the "score". (Though there were a few brief moments when I've had 10's. Then someone else who did not like it much usually reads it and knocks it down a bit. Good for the ego on both counts.)

I'm one of those weenies who usually refrains from scoring things. Praise, comments or constructive criticism are more valuable.
I've left dead silence on some real stinkers, though.
This does not mean you, dear. I have yet to read something written by you that did not at least amuse me greatly, and I thank you for it!
I have to go finish waiting for the shovelling crew to come remove the weight load from our roof before structural damage occurs.


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