Buildings can be so confusing
Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Hi there,

I had my first dissertation seminar today. The hardest part was finding the room. The Armstrong building is the most confusing place I have ever been in, it's like a maze. I had to go through the Business school to get to the Classics department. Who the hell puts the business school next to the classics?

I bought a laptop today so I can keep all my dissertation work together. It cost a hell of a lot of money but that's what student loans are for.

My mam and dad are going to Barcelona next week. Maybe that'll stop my mother on her quest to completely destroy the bathroom. I mean she already broke the glass in the cabinet and now she's pulled the blinds off the wall.

My birthday was fun. Me, John and Andrew went out in Durham. We started out a one of the Chinese buffets (not the one we usually go to cos that's got horrendously expensive), then we went to Yate's bar and then to Wetherspoons. I'm actually glad I went home earlier than John and Andrew because they ended up missing the last bus home and Andrew wanted to strangle John cos he was so drunk.




Wednesday, January 31, 2007 4:24 PM


Oh...I know the fun of trying to navigate buildings where you swear the architect must have been on some sort of mind-altering substance or 6;D

And congrat about the laptop! They're fabulous when they work and have a decent battery charge...but when they don't? Giant friggin' paperweights:(



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