Just an Update XV
Sunday, January 21, 2007

"... Not much to say. Life like yours, I
fear you'd find mine terrible dull."

Oh, I long for a little dullness.
Truth to say, this whole trip is
getting to be just a little too

Really though. This weekend is proving to be a repeat of the worser ones. They say to us, "Now - we won't have muster at 0900 in the morning, so prove to us that you've earned that priveledge." So what to people go and do? That's right. Three ARI's (Alcohol Related Incident; one being two full bottles of Yeager being found in a shipmate's room), a giant hole in the wall cause by people wresting and falling into it (this makes the second that I know of). Can you believe that? After being scolded and talked to about being irresponsible and of being good men, people just blow that off and go do this. *sigh* Well, I hope I feel better today. I was planning on going to Chicago today, but WeatherChannel told me that there was an expected accumulation of about 1-2 inches of snow today... Huzza. I have to walk alot today. Anyways, thanks to those who read the mini-chapter in my little fanfic. I'll keep writing it, I suppose.

Well, I think that's the jist of whining for today. Be well all.


Monday, January 22, 2007 2:40 AM


I totally know how you feel, Yorik. Except I was in the position of doing all the lecturing and "parenting" to the yobbos who kept blowing off the chances to prove they were responsible adults. It gets mighty depressing at times....

Still...can't wait for when you next post. Lots of interesting stuff to read;)



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