Just An Update XIV
Thursday, January 18, 2007

I'm seeing better days, just as long as it's not a weekend!

These past few school days haven't been that bad. They keep my mind busy. Maybe I can start drawing, reading, and writing on my breaks and posting my accomplishments here? Anyways, I got a couple nifty difty things in the mail - of them being a digital drawing pad. Now I can draw and not use a scanner to submit things. How 'bout them apples? I should be getting my 12" midi keyboard sometime soon, and when I get that, lovely fan-based Firefly for all my crew to enjoy - I hope. :D

Other than those things, school is long and boring. Today (Thursday{) I go at abou 1440-2415... Gorram that stinks. Better days are when school starts at 1640 and ends about the same time. I got to stand watch on the ships quarter-deck today. Get to dress up all nice and protect the ship! About 4 of us stand on the quarter-deck doing different watches at once, but I get to tell everyone what to do, and authorize access to and from the ship... ;D

Alright, I better go. Muster is at 0900... Grr. (Reason why we have to muster early now rather than sleep: Last weekend, we had a few people get drunk and irresponsible, of them being our section leader [who was on his duty day] and another shipmate who had duty and was also required to stand a watch, but didn't show up! Now we all got to pay by mustering at 0900 every morning to make sure we're all here... Pfff.)

Till then...


Thursday, January 18, 2007 11:42 AM


Uh...must have missed the post mentioning where you're studying...cuz classes from 2:40PM to 12:15 AM? That's freaking nuts:(

And dontcha love it when other people's fug-ups make you suffer? And the section leader was one of the cockups? Oh geez...could always wait for him to get demoted or whatever and take over yourself;)


Thursday, January 18, 2007 10:41 AM


Hugs sorry sweety sometimes that one rotten apple just ruins it for everyone


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