My Take On B3 | Part 1
Tuesday, December 19, 2006

For those of you who may find this interesting, this is a B3/Flan II report — my personal ramblings on what transpired that wacky weekend in sunny California.

My photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/44789052@N00/

Some of the photos shown in this post have been brazenly stolen from the B3 image library, where shots posted by several attendees can be found. If you were at B3, you should upload yours too.

But please note that I've hosted the smaller versions found in this post through my Photobucket account.

My favorite name for the event is BE Screwed (“BE Scared” being the previous Booster Entertainment con that most likely was paid for with Flan II funds) BUT, I’ll stick with what the California Browncoats dubbed it: the Browncoat Backup Bash, or B3. The California Browncoats are those lovely folks who picked up and ran off with the rope that was meant to hang us. For this I am eternally grateful.

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The thing I was most looking forward to at Flan was getting to meet two people—FollowMal and MalNourished. They’re folks I’d never met in person, only talked with on the boards, over IM or by phone. I had grown to know these two women well, and I was very psyched to actually see their lips move.

FM and MalN themselves were meeting up with a bunch of friends: the Appreciatin’ Nathan (AN) crew from Gossi’s board. They welcomed me into their midst, knowing me hardly at all. I admit that I shamelessly tagged along with them whenever possible, and they were very humourous, generous and kind to me. Especially Genesgal, the quirky lady from the UK, who actually made me cry with one of her stories. Thanks, Genesgal. Thanks tons. * snuffle *

FollowMal gave me a copy of the book the ANer’s gave to Nathan. This tome had to have been pricey, as it was bound in leather! It meant a lot to me that she thought to give me one. I got as many of the ANer’s to sign it, just like a year book. When I got home, my mom read it cover to cover (even the scary SLiTHER and Caleb Buffy bits). After she was done, she wandered into the living room and said “So, wanna watch some Firefly?” Reading the book made her homesick for Firefly! She told me she was impressed with Nathan’s career, and that the ANer’s had managed to document it well. It’s no wonder Nathan mentioned he was going to send it to his mom in Edmonton.

The Appreciatin’ Nathan crew presenting Nate with his book. Alan was equally curious and jealous.

In retrospect, concerning the cancellation, I was one of the lucky ones. I arrived Thursday afternoon, so I didn't have the opportunity to cancel my flight or hotel room. So, by a quirk of fate, I ended up being there for all the extra bits. Some folk were not so lucky. Also, I was looking forward to the Flan weekend, but not like some of the people I knew. They had been working for MONTHS in preparation. So after the announcement on Thursday, I was more worried about them than feeling bad for myself. MalN (my room mate) was too quiet after the announcement. She had that look on her face. Like shock, only more devastated. Is that even possible? Devastated shock? Isn’t that like saying a blacker black?

Thankfully, the sharpest pain was short-lived. Adam Baldwin walked into the lobby, only a little over an hour after we heard about the cancellation. That man is fast! He said the right things to make us feel better, and got us laughing, then hinted that Nathan was hoping to get away at some point over the course of the weekend and visit with us too. My favorite quip: "So, thought I'd come down. Heard you got cancelled. pause Now you know how it feels." Then he made a sweeping gesture, to let us know he was heading to the bar for a drink. Later, after finishing his first Beck’s, MalN stood him a round, and he accepted the beer, but only after teasing her "You didn't put any of that date-rape drug in here, did you?" so she shot right back "Actually, I put in 4 doses. You're a big guy." He laughed and drank it, but only after smelling it. Brave man.

After Adam came back to the bar the second time, the AN crew was just sitting down to a group dinner. Genesgal walked over and asked Adam if he’d like to join us. He blew us a kiss from across the room, then walked over to graciously decline in person. I asked, since he couldn't stay for dinner, would he like a pat of butter? I was trying to be funny. The folks at the table laughed, a little. Adam declined, pointedly. Alert! Joke failure. Dive! Dive! Foot? Mouth? Meet each other. Have embarrassing first-date sex. Regret it horribly afterwards. I was appalled by my faux pas. I had so wanted to tell him how much I enjoyed his turn on Stargate SG-1 as Colonel Dixon. WARNING! STARGATE DIGRESSION!

Heroes: Part 1 (2004)
Colonel Dave Dixon: Yeah, all-night screaming, projectile vomiting, nuclear diapers... you have no idea. The reason they make them so damn cute is so you don't suffocate them in their sleep.
Senior Airman Simon Wells: Sir, you have *four* kids.
Colonel Dave Dixon: Yeah, why do you think I enjoy my work so much? Don't get me wrong, I love those little buggers to death, but trust me, having four kids makes going through a Stargate facing off against alien bad guys look like nothing. This is relaxing.
Senior Airman Simon Wells: Then why did you have four?
Colonel Dave Dixon: Well, one's pretty bad, but you figure you got to have two so the little guy can have a brother or sister, right? Then you have two boys, and the wife says she wants a girl so you figure "Hell, three can't be much harder than two", right? What you don't realize is that your brain's fried because you haven't slept. After three, four is no big deal. You're so deep in it that nothing seems to matter any more. It's chaos. You're just trying to make it through each day alive. In the end you spend all the energy you have trying to get them into bed only to lie awake praying they don't get hooked on drugs, hurt, or worse... wind up dead in an alley somewhere...
Senior Airman Simon Wells: Can't wait, sir.
Colonel Dave Dixon: Yeah, miracle of birth, my ass. I'll tell you what a miracle is, birth control that works.

Well, maybe next time I’ll get to tell him.

to be continued...


Friday, December 22, 2006 11:06 AM


Just why are MalN and MG looking at each-other when Nathan is standing RIGHT THERE! :)

And hey, look, my ponytail!

Nice report.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006 7:09 AM


OK so very jealous. I'm glad you guys had such a good time and it sounds like our BDH's are still the shiniest guys the int 'verse

Wednesday, December 20, 2006 3:52 AM


Nice report, Hera! And your digression? That conversation is why I tell everyone: "This is why I live with cats, not kids!"

Tuesday, December 19, 2006 8:59 PM


LMAO at the great dialogue from our much beloved show! I still curse the fact that I could find no jeans and t shirt to join you in an SG-1 day at B3!

Great report and I miss you with all my heart you crazy woman!

I'm going to tell them the last night's dinner butter pat story if you don't. ;)

More more! she shouts banging her empty Guiness glass upon the galley table!

I can't wait for the next regalement!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006 5:15 PM


Damn...that makes me rather depressed to know I missed such brilliant dialogue. And the episode in general:(

Still...amazing reporting work so far, Hera;D



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