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Saturday, December 9, 2006

You know, I've never been involved in fandom before. Oh sure, I've had celebrity crushes all my life--from a schoolgirl crush on David Selby aka Quention Collins on "Dark Shadows" through a teenage crush on David Cassidy during his stint on "The Partridge Family". And then there are Pierce Brosnan, Hugh Jackman, Kevin Sorbo, Johnny Depp, Sean Maher, Nathan Fillion--all of whom I still admire. But fandom? Never heard the term until last year when "Serenity" came out and rekindled my interest in that wonderful, short-lived show "Firefly". Yes, I had led a sheltered life. *g*

In my obsession to find out more about the people involved in this fandom I learned about fanfic--another term I'd never heard of! And then I started reading reports from various fans about meetings with the actors, whether it be in parking lots or at cons, and the more I read, the more impressed I was with all of the people involved in the making of this show/movie. Seeing the various interviews available on the web confirmed this impression. These are some intelligent, caring, funny, wonderful people, who don't need a script in front of them to tell them what to say and do. (I'm sure we've all seen actors that do. *eg*)

Along with learning about the actors and such, I also started to get to know some of the fans, whether by reading their fanfic and their LJ's, through e-mails & IM, or from entries here or at And when I started comparing this fandom to others out there, I was amazed! There is so much infighting/whining/trolling in other fandoms, but not in ours. And I truly believe that's because the fans of "Firefly"/"Serenity" are just as intelligent, caring, funny, and wonderful as the professionals involved with the show.

So, when the news about the possible cancellation of Flanvention2 broke, I was as upset as all those planning to attend--even though I wasn't planning to, and had never planned to. Along with everyone else, I was relieved at the news that the show would go on, as they say. And then Thursday... My heart went out to all the fans who were congregating at the Hilton in Burbank, and to all those still in the air--on their way to a now non-existant convention. What would happen now? Would there be panic and chaos? Anger and resignation? Or would everyone come together and 'do the impossible' once again?

I should have known. *g* The California Browncoats, both North & South, are a tremendous group of folks! They worked tirelessly from the time of the cancellation announcement onward to make this a weekend to remember for all the fans who showed up, and if nothing else happens than what has currently been posted (and I'm sure more will), they have succeeded big time!

In what other fandom would actors who are not being paid show up at a cancelled convention just to hang out with their fans for a few hours? Me thinks none. When Adam Baldwin showed up Thursday night, I thought, "What a class act." Then Mark Sheppard showed up and spent all freakin' day hanging out with the fans on Friday! How cool is that? But when Nathan Fillion showed up Friday night with a box of stuff for the fans, I almost cried. Seriously. There were tears. And then Alan Tudyk showed up?! For a con he had had to cancel because of filming commitments?! That is just so incredibly sweet and awesome! And let's not forget Christina Hendricks, Jonathan Woodward, Brett Matthews, The Bedlam Bards, and probably others whose names I've forgotten. These people are, beyond doubt, some of the most wonderful people around, and they give me hope that Hollywood isn't always about the glitz and glamour--that there are real people there. People who care about their fans. People who remember what it's like to be a fan. People with integrity. People who make me proud to be a part of this fandom, even in such a miniscule way.

To all the Browncoats in California this weekend--have a marvelous time! Take lots of pics and enjoy the party! This cancelled convention will go down in history as one of the best shindigs ever held by fans of one of the best shows ever, and you'll be able to hold your head high and say, "I was there!"


Sunday, December 10, 2006 7:32 AM


Actually, Lvs2read...I think the whole "sudden cancellation" with Alan is that like Jewel, BE wouldn't/couldn't the fees and airfare for them:(

Still...our fandom rocks mightily, doesn't it?



Sunday, December 10, 2006 5:50 AM


I'm here in Burbank, and I'm LOVING it! This place is full of Big Damn Heroes, from the California Browncoats to the Bedlam Bards to the actors and people involved with the show who have been showing up for us all weekend. Each day has been like Christmas morning--you never know what cool thing you're gonna unwrap next! You're correct when you say this will go down in history as the Best. Damn. Con. EVER!!!

Saturday, December 9, 2006 1:39 PM


Hear, hear! Very eloquently put, and it speaks to all of us unable to attend. Big Damn Heroes indeed!


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