Saturday, December 2, 2006

Okay, maybe after the new year for the move thing.
I have successfully stoked the woodstove to the point where it is around 85 degrees Farenheit two rooms away. Upstairs is close to toasty for the night, which was my goal. The funny thing is I wasn't trying that hard. What was that last log I threw on?!
I'm scribbling tonight. Cocoa enhanced blurbage!
It's too late to try for drunken verbosity this evening.
Peeking at the boards just made me smile. Someone opined that they would not want to get naked pictures like Nathan. I did not ask about whether they'd like to get naked pictures *of* Nathan.
I do not know of any, though I suspect his mum might have a few from his youth. We are old enough that you could still get a picture taken on a bearskin rug when you were a baby. Bottoms up, tushling!
Also the flan thread provided a smile. "Backup Bash/Flan B". I snorted.
We're about to give out free Emergency Contraception on Wednesday at work. The brand we carry is called Plan B.
It's for when your condom fails you, for those who are reading this and not familiar with the concept.
Whereas fandoms never fail! ..or something profound like that.


Saturday, December 2, 2006 5:24 PM


Hmm...caffeine and chocolate-fuelled scribbalge vs. drunken verbosity...sounds like quite the metaphysical cage match;)

And yeah...I would think quite a few people wouldn't mind dipping into the Family Fillion's photo album for shots of our Captain in his birthday suit...not related to his craft;D



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