So it's meet the parents time...
Thursday, November 30, 2006

...and i'm completely freaked out.

The Boyfriend (nearly five months - yay!) has invited me to dinner with his parents this weekend to celebrate his 18th birthday. And, okay, so technically it's not the first time i've met them, but does "hello" and a lift in the car really count? Anyway, his mother is terrifying - she's a primary school teacher!! Makes me want to wet my pants and hide in the art cupboard all over again...

*ahem* Back to the subject at hand, I think. The woman can bring a 17-year-old boy to heel with a blink and I'm supposed to stay in the same room with her without melting into a gibbering heap? I'm sure she only invited me because she ran out of food - she's going to cook me and serve me up like a lamb chop!!! I don't want to be lamb chops!! HELP!!!


ps. apologies for my looooooooooong absence from the BSR, but passing exams, deciding your future and saving the world from the evil sock monster (an epic battle, i assure you) takes up a lot of time. but sob no more, i am back and raring to go. that is, if by "go" you mean hibernate for the next three months...


Thursday, November 30, 2006 2:01 PM


Like msg said...just be youself, Bellona. If she goes all "Grr! Argh!" on ya, just smile and strike back with enough sweetness and positive energy she will instantly de-Grinchified;D

And from the sounds of it, you got a catch on your hands. If the BF will heed his momma that quickly, then he's got the right kind of respect for important women in his life. That or he's infinitely attached to his dear mother's apron strings (or whatever the 21st century, non-sexist version of that comment would be)...



Thursday, November 30, 2006 9:07 AM


Ok take a deep breath. You are darling and funny and amazing and any mom would want you to date their keep that in mind ok.
Now if she goes all Monster-in -law on you remember it's her son's opinion that counts not hers...and just be sweet as pie no matter what. Your boyfriend will really appreciate it and then he'll owe you big time ( which is good)


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