I just spent all morning watching a VH1 special on Gwen Stefani. I don't know what a Hollaback girl is. All I know is that I want her dead.
Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Recently I heard about in England, how they were censoring Tom and Jerry cartoons to take out the smoking. Because, long time fans of the show will notice, sometimes when he's trying to be cool, or something, Tom will light up a stoogy, usually using Jerry as the lighter, or the paper licker or something. I don't get this. These are parts of our past, and I guess I figure if it was good enough for kids of the past, it's good enough for kids now. I mean, how many of us watched those old Tom and Jerry cartoons and then went and bought a pack of cigs that night. Or long after. I think there are much more influential things in our lives that get us to smoke (if we do) than a bunch of cartoons. Anyway, you're talking about a cartoon where I just saw a mouse put an iron in a pie and then throw it at a cat's head. Firstly, worse stuff happens all the time on that show than smoking. Tom and Jerry are horrible violent to one another and nobody ever gets hurt, or shows any lasting effects. Of course my favorite gag is when Jerry props open the window with a ruler, and then leads Tom through the window, kicking the ruler out with him. So, then, the window closes, clasping Tom's neck in the window. It's hilarious. And it always makes me laugh. I think sometimes being over protective is just being overprotective. They've take alot of Warner Bros. cartoons off for some ridiculous reason or another, and if we keep letting people mess with our classics. All we'll have are the memories of the great cartoons we had growing up, while our kids will be stuck inside an ever widening bubble.


Thursday, November 30, 2006 5:17 AM


It's sort of like all the people who wouldn't let their teenagers see Titanic( not that I think anyone should see Titanic) because of the semi nude woman...so the giant sea of floating corpses doesn't bother you but a topless woman's got to go???

Wednesday, November 29, 2006 5:38 PM


Talk about misdirection. For a second, I was wondering "What does Gwen Stefani have to do with Tom and Jerry?" I guess they don't. As per Gwen, whatever. Some of her stuff is catchy, although I'm more of a fan of No Doubt than Gwen herself. As per Tom and Jerry, if your pissed at censorship of these cartoons, pick up the DVD's that Warner Home Video issued a while back. Four discs of uncensored classic cartoons. It's weird. Warner Bros as a studio is hit and miss. They seem more interested in making the next big franchise than producing a wide range of diverse work, although at times they can be very auteur friendly. But the people running Warner Home Video must be the biggest film geeks in the DVD industry. They always produce the best DVD's for everything. Classic movies, blockbusters, cartoons, tv shows, EVERYTHING. All have perfect video and extras that would give Criterion a run for their money. Sorry for rambling there.

As for England, I think they're pretty liberal about sex AND violence. Whenever I see anything British, there's tons of swearing and violence and sex and all that. I've never heard of them being squeamish about violence.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006 5:15 PM


Kinda reminds me of the paradox where Europe is crazy for entertainment where there's boob, bums and lots of steamy stuff but less so with the graphic depictions of violence. North America? You show Big Brother UK over here without censoring, you'd have the CRTC or FCC on your ass within moments of the offending scene airing...but we love our CSI and our gory flicks.

Still...classic cartoons are just bursting with stuff that's "wrong:" violence, smoking, racism...nothing PC about those bits of entertaining celluloid;)


Wednesday, November 29, 2006 1:18 PM


regarding gwen stefani, i would love to give her some quality time with lemmy kilmister, or maybe rob zombie.

as far as tom and jerry, that stuff was fun, just like bugs bunny or the three stooges. people really need to learn how to relax.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006 9:57 AM


apparently being violent to one another in england is ok. but smoking is completely unforgiveable.


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