Schoolies time!
Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I'm gonna disappear for a week because I'll be roughing it at Schoolies!

Leaving on the 1st, and returning on the 7th. It's a little shorter than we'd all like, but considering it's free I think I can manage.

NOT going to Queensland like most people, we're all going to Port slumming it about 400 meters from the beach.

Funny story how it all turned out actually. I wasn't going to go anywhere and just keep my money, but then a friend..let's just call him Person A and his group Group A, asks me I wanna go with him. I tells him I'll think about it.
About two weeks later, a person from another group-Group B, asks me if I wana go with them.

So I'm torn, I'm friends with everyone in both groups (popular fellow that I am...), but can only choose one.

Then about 6 weeks ago, Person A decids to go and get himself arrested.
What for? How about drink driving, driving without a licence (he isn't even off his learners permit yet)...then he did a driver swap while the car was moving and the cops were right behind him . So he's in the cop car, and he has the brilliant idea of making a run for it. So while the car is doing about 60km/h, he tries (and nearly succeeds) and jump out . This in only slightly unusual for him.

When asked why I wouldn't go to schoolies with him, my answer was simple: "Person A, I just really don't wanna get arrested".

So now he's had the bloody brilliant idea of buggering off to Fiji without telling the Courts.

Glad I'm going with Group B now!

I mean, it's not that he stupid, he's a pretty sure bet to get into AIM (Australian Institute of Music) next year, but he just has no concept of common sense.

So back to me! Yes, Schoolies will be fun. Seven days in the sun (See that? I rhymed!) with good friends, good music (if I have anything to say about it) a steady, but not gluttonous amount of booze. I'm making sure everyone doesn't drink too much with the most potent weapons of all: the digital camera and a sick imagination.

This will all be good fun.
What won't, is seven days away from all things Firefly related, including (especially so), this site, and the wonderful people on it. I'll miss you guys while I'm gone.

On the plus side, when I get back, I'll be living on here for a while catching up on the boards and reading all the shiny fics everyone will have surely posted. I'll love it. I'll be like a pig in poo.


Wednesday, November 29, 2006 10:12 PM


Schoolies is the big end of High School holiday. Basically two or three weeks of partying for all the kids leaving high school. I suppose it's kinda like Spring Break in a sense.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006 4:30 PM


Uh...would think the AIM would reject any application to attend if he's been arrested for DUI, driving without a valid licence, dangerous driving, and resisting arrest. And let's not forget fleeing bail;)

So yeah...have fun with Schoolies (whatever that is exactly, I don't know)




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