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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Not much in the way of fic writing. Sad to say, I've got other projects sapping up my creative enegery. School Dinner Theater production, Drama Class (for which I can't wait to do monolouges, hoping to pull something out of Firefly), a little story-type thing of my own (Main female character designed to, were it made a movie, be played by Summer Glau.)

However, I've been pouring all my pursuasive engery into converting new I'm gonna give a little update on how that's coming.

My mom's roommates' son's girlfriend is now my mom's roommates' son's ex-girlfriend. Thus...not sure how I'll be getting her Firefly.

Clay has my copy of Serenity. Havn't gotten it back yet, nor spoken with him much on it. If he dosen't watch it soon, I'm gonna ask to go over and watch it WITH him along with at least a disk worth of eposodes.

Speaking of a disk worth of eposodes, Lorrann borrowed disk three over a weekend. When she returned it, I asked what she thought. She responded by looking at me and, trying really hard not to laugh, and saying "I can kill you with my brain" we both cracked up laughing. Since then, whenever we do one of our dialouge-based role-plays, we're in the Firefly 'verse.

More to come. Grandma needs her compurter.

BTW, Grandpa's already a browncoat. Reminds me of Book some too.


Not much actual progress beyond what I told you, though I have a long list of potential recruits. Class party tonight, hanging out with a bunch of friends or a friend that I ran the base concept behind Firefly by. Had a pretty Shiny reaction. 'course all I mentioned was the formation of the Alliance and departure from earth. Might run back home for a disk before tonight.

OH! My friend Chelsea has already seen the BDM complemets of another browncoat (who SO reminds me of Wash) and I'm planning on introducing her to the series sometime this week. If I can get her even half as obsessed with Firefly as she is with Ninja Turtles, she'll make an awesome browncoat.


Sunday, November 19, 2006 9:57 PM


That's the ticket, LadyKnight...use a bit of forceful persuasion to enlighten the masses;)



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